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Movie: 结婚那件事

Today is Valentine's day.
And this year my 14 Feb not as costly as compare to last year, i think we use about just 10% of our expenses last year to celebrate this year 14 Feb. As long as we're happy, everything is fine for me. Thanks God for everything.

Went movie,结婚那件事, The Wedding Diary, by our local singer Ah Niu and Hong Kong actor Elannie Kwong, a very nice movie, worth watching, really talk about reality, and about money, family relationship, love, trust and of course, marriage....

剧情简介: 电影述说一对计划要结婚的情侣伟杰(阿牛饰)和Tina(江若琳饰),伟杰是来自一个谦卑的大马福建家庭,到新加坡当工程师。相反的,未婚妻Tina是一位新加坡广东人,出生于富裕的家庭背景。他们决定结婚后接下来要面对的就是双方家人,比如财富的差距,新加坡与大马,福建与广东文化的不同,差点让婚礼筹备停止。为了表示对未来岳父岳母的诚意与决心,伟杰答应将在新加坡举行一个奢侈和豪华的婚礼。  婚礼当天,伟杰发现他原本打算用来缴酒席费的红包钱都不见了。他很绝望地去附近赌场碰一碰运气,但最后输了更多钱。由于伟杰说谎来掩饰自己的问题,让Tina开始怀疑他的忠诚度。伟杰和父亲也因为婚礼而发生了争执,在愤怒之极的情况下,父亲在从新加坡回槟城的路途中遇到车祸。伟杰一生中最开心的大日子突然反转为最悲伤。

Wedding, is not just two person business, it's very very true. As illustrated by this picture:

Alright, gonna stop here and go date with my lovely books and the documents in my Ipad2....Wish me study hard and all the best...
Till then.

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