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I heard of this saying before : "When you feel that you're depress, don't stay on pity yourself, get up and go out to help others". Yupe, i do felt abit unhappy recently, partly cause lots of things happen. Also, busy then weight not dropping as much as i want (ok this one just to exaggerate...) and also etc etc lar.

So this weekend i decided to go back hometown, by bus, as usual, the 10 hours bus journey thing keep playing in my mind, plus i don't have a good birthday or new year celebration this year, ok who cares, there's more important issue to concern about during this period of time. Sigh. Nvm, so while on the bus back from Batu Pahat to KL , i felt quite depress in the bus.

Then, when i reach Tasik Selatan, and taking LRT to go Plaza Rakyat so can go Puduraya change bus back from KL to Ayer Tawar, i met an elderly man at the LRT station, he ask me, is the LRT going to Puduraya? i told him yes, so he went on to the LRT, and insider the LRT, he met another elderly man, both of them start talking, i overheard their conversation, both of them also are elderly in their 60s, and i assume they came to KL to stay with their children, and now they are like taking LRT alone, and both of them agree that they are quite blur about the road and transport system in KL etc etc. As i was listening (ok i should not simply listen to other people's conversation, but this one it really make me think...), i was thinking, how can a children let their elderly parents came KL and let them take public transport alone when they don't really familiar with the system. Worse still, the first elderly man is like carrying a heavy bag and he is planning to go Puduraya take bus to Genting meet his family i guess.

I know we're really busy, many things need to be done, we can't afford to spend too much time with our parents, but, should a good children let their parents take public transport that their parents not even familiar with alone just like that. I really dono, probably their children have their own difficulty which i could not understand, but i believe a good children should treat their parents better.

When the LRT reach Plaza Rakyat station, i know although i'm a 'heartless' and unfriendly person, i should at least offer my help to the first elderly man as he seem so blur and he might just get missing if no one help him. So i offer to guide him to the PUduraya station as i'm going the same way as well, also, i offer to help him carry his heavy bag, ok, it's really heavy but nvm, i'm strong enough. So i carry his bag, guide him all the way from the LRT station to the bus ticket counter in Puduraya. On the way, only i found out that he fractured his humeral bone and his shoulder joint is an artificial joint. I was thinking, how can his children just left the father carry such heavy bag and walk alone and travel alone to Genting while this father had an fracture before!!

Alright, i'm no body to judge anyone, but through helping people, i do felt better after that, i realize i'm not that pityful afterall. I 'm still able to help others. Hopefully i'll be better and bring more joy to people around me. LOL

Till then.

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