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Majiami Pore Cleanser

瑪奇亞米零油肌控油保濕洗面乳 100ml RM19.90

I got this cleanser from Watson, just wanted to try a new product so I chose this, cause it’s cheap! For me, this cleanser is very very foamy, there’s very strong tea tree oil smell. After using, felt that all the dirts on my face are removed, my pores are unclogged, and face felt refresh immediately. However, probably cause it’s oil-control property, it leaves skin slightly dry and abit tight. But if used a toner immediately after that then should be ok.

Description given:
Majiami Pore Cleanser washes away rough skin, blackheads, acnes and impurities deep inside pores with its foam as sleek as a very thin and tough silk fabric. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients, it leaves skin not dry. It used every day, it can reduce acnes. The line to which this product belongs is formulated for those who are easy to have oily T-Zone with enlarged pores, dehydrated and dull skin, especially for those with combination skin or oily skin. It conditions skin through retaining moisture, balancing oil and boosting skin metabolism.

產品介紹:洗去肌膚粗糙感、黑頭粉刺,長期使用可減少粉刺, 添加保濕成分, 含茶樹精油

Product website: http://www.majiami.com.tw/

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