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I'm typing this post, not because want to complain or upload any photos, but just to post out what i had been thinking and going through...

There are many uncertainties in life, many thing we don't understand, and most of the thing, afterall, we don't have to understand. It's beyond our mind, beyond our wisdom, beyond our ability to comprehend. We are human being, we are make by GOD, we are just we.

What is life? What is forever? What is death? What is eternity? What is spiritual world? Does it really exist?

As a human point of view, i cannot comprehend all these.

As a doctor point of view, i agree that human life is just so fragile, just some insult to certain organ, the precious life will gone, our body is subject to many diseases and alot of time, medicine do not really offer cure, the most is to relieve the symptoms and the help the body cope with the disease.

As a Christian point of view, i really have faith and at the same time fear of God. I believe God is the eternal God, i believe we all make by God, i believe God is our creator, i believe there is heaven and hell, i believe death is not just as simple as death, i believe we will have eternal life, i believe our life on earth is just these few decades and we will all soon go back to God and worship him forever, i believe we all have a spirit that we will worship God and live forever.

So what is forever? For-e-ver. It's beyong my comprehension. I cannot fully understood that. The world had been exist for so long, and when does it start? or when will it end? When it end, what is going to happen? We all will need to face the reality. It's a true and true thing that none of us can chose not to face it, because we are human being.

Things i couldn't understand, God has the answer. God is my creator, Jesus is my saviour, Holy Spirit guide me in my everyday life. As we march to 2012, may we realize that, our life is so precious, we don't have long life to spare, we got to believe in God with a simple heart, simple mind and leave the rest to God. Afterall, we are just human being, and we all are creator of God.


Search of meaning of life will still be there. But i understand that, while i'm still living, while i still have breath and my hearts still pumping, i'm gonna make this life worth.

Happy Chinese New Year to all. May this year be a prosper year, may this year be a year of giving.

Till then with love.

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