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Sometime, blogging in a blog that not many reader is a good thing, at least i can say out whatever i want.

As i said previously,  many things happen, i had dealt with lots and lots of people esp in healthcare line. Some doctors are really good and nice. Some doctors, i dono what to comment, is just make people felt uncomfortable. I thanks the first GP that make the diagnosis on time and referred immediately. But the GP i went today, really felt bad for all his patient, with this type of attitude, sigh, if not because today is sunday most GP not open i oso won't go there lar.

Also some aunties, seriously, i just hope they can just keep their mouth shut and stop being so 3-8. Apparently people don't want to tell then mar stop asking. REally auntiesssss, hate their big mouth and busybody attitude!!!

sigh, i think for now that's it. still not very happy. but i'll be fine. \

Till then.

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