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It's already new year. Life goes on. Future is in God's hand.
This bible verse really struck me recently, after experiencing so many things, i realize, life, is not just what we are NOW. What are we now? We are God's creation to worship him. One day, we all gonna face this, like it or not, we will get older, start reaching end of the life and fade away. So in these few decades God give us, we must make it worth.

The bible verse is from Revalation,

So i should not be complaining about EVERYthing and ANY thing. Our life is more than that. Although i didn't get a good birthday celebrations with friends, i got a very good celebration with my parents. Mum bought me an ICECREAM cake!! which is so super nice and it's like a dream come true. I always hope that i can have an ice cream cake for this birthday, but the so called icecream cake that i had few days before my birthday is not an icecream cake afterall. They told me is icecream cake and i so worry it will melt and put it on freezer, finally when i cut it, it's an icing fruit cake. That cake i show last time edy.

This is the cake mum bought for me!! Nice one, got my name somemore. Family are the best after all..........

Oh and cause i really ate alot recently, look at what i had been eating, so much!! and one of it is my birthday meals, so sad right, people birthday can eat expensive stuff but i need to compensate cause i too stingy and too picky and too difficult to satisfy and etc etc. somemore so many things happen i lost my appetite in eating expensive food.
Anyway, still want to thanks Nick, at least he make an effort to remind me that i'm not fat and i should eat more........

Went to the high class hawker centre in Lot10 last weekend, i really think the food there are really over price, there's no difference between eating in food court than eating there. sigh........

and since CIMB bank give out free voucher so i got a free mocha drink from Dome!! Nice one. but too bad i'm in a hurry so can't enjoy the mocha.
Real sad, everything got to rush, time is just a tool for us to use, i don't understand why sometime we need to rush through alot of thing. Mainly is because of my upbringing that we should not waste time and should not be late, so i tend to feel guilty if people wait for me so tend to rush through everything when i know there's someone waiting for me.
Haiz, wasted my free mocha from Dome.........

Anyway, i think i said edy, i should not be complaining about every single thing....Spend my new year eve and new year of 2012 in this hospital....
Is a private hospital with they call it big white shark. Slept at the chair there on that night. It's an sleepless night which makes me realize my life as a doctor in near future will be like that.....

Alright, enough typing random stuff. It's CHINESE NEW YEAR soonnnnn....next week it is. This is Pavilion on last friday when there's Astro event for the new movie. The very chinese new year feel shopping centre! Nice.

Till then.

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