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The trip

Yupe, I agree I had a very different cny this year, cause in stead of eating n staying at home, I m in the chinese ppl's country adding number to the already-huge-crowd...

Ready to go off.....

Ya, that's how i add number to the crowd in the land of China......
 and Macau
 and Hong Kong.....

Ok, i should stop here, got to read at least something for the coming viva, all the best to me, last n that it, the end to the long chapter...

Till then till i got time to blog more.

Thanks God for the blessing. God deserve all the praise. Amen! =)

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Look at the faces on the foreigners when they witness the flashmob at KLIA! #MASflashmob

Look at the faces on the foreigners when they witness the flashmob at KLIA! #MASflashmob

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I'm typing this post, not because want to complain or upload any photos, but just to post out what i had been thinking and going through...

There are many uncertainties in life, many thing we don't understand, and most of the thing, afterall, we don't have to understand. It's beyond our mind, beyond our wisdom, beyond our ability to comprehend. We are human being, we are make by GOD, we are just we.

What is life? What is forever? What is death? What is eternity? What is spiritual world? Does it really exist?

As a human point of view, i cannot comprehend all these.

As a doctor point of view, i agree that human life is just so fragile, just some insult to certain organ, the precious life will gone, our body is subject to many diseases and alot of time, medicine do not really offer cure, the most is to relieve the symptoms and the help the body cope with the disease.

As a Christian point of view, i really have faith and at the same time fear of God. I believe God is the eternal God, i believe we all make by God, i believe God is our creator, i believe there is heaven and hell, i believe death is not just as simple as death, i believe we will have eternal life, i believe our life on earth is just these few decades and we will all soon go back to God and worship him forever, i believe we all have a spirit that we will worship God and live forever.

So what is forever? For-e-ver. It's beyong my comprehension. I cannot fully understood that. The world had been exist for so long, and when does it start? or when will it end? When it end, what is going to happen? We all will need to face the reality. It's a true and true thing that none of us can chose not to face it, because we are human being.

Things i couldn't understand, God has the answer. God is my creator, Jesus is my saviour, Holy Spirit guide me in my everyday life. As we march to 2012, may we realize that, our life is so precious, we don't have long life to spare, we got to believe in God with a simple heart, simple mind and leave the rest to God. Afterall, we are just human being, and we all are creator of God.


Search of meaning of life will still be there. But i understand that, while i'm still living, while i still have breath and my hearts still pumping, i'm gonna make this life worth.

Happy Chinese New Year to all. May this year be a prosper year, may this year be a year of giving.

Till then with love.

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It's already new year. Life goes on. Future is in God's hand.
This bible verse really struck me recently, after experiencing so many things, i realize, life, is not just what we are NOW. What are we now? We are God's creation to worship him. One day, we all gonna face this, like it or not, we will get older, start reaching end of the life and fade away. So in these few decades God give us, we must make it worth.

The bible verse is from Revalation,

So i should not be complaining about EVERYthing and ANY thing. Our life is more than that. Although i didn't get a good birthday celebrations with friends, i got a very good celebration with my parents. Mum bought me an ICECREAM cake!! which is so super nice and it's like a dream come true. I always hope that i can have an ice cream cake for this birthday, but the so called icecream cake that i had few days before my birthday is not an icecream cake afterall. They told me is icecream cake and i so worry it will melt and put it on freezer, finally when i cut it, it's an icing fruit cake. That cake i show last time edy.

This is the cake mum bought for me!! Nice one, got my name somemore. Family are the best after all..........

Oh and cause i really ate alot recently, look at what i had been eating, so much!! and one of it is my birthday meals, so sad right, people birthday can eat expensive stuff but i need to compensate cause i too stingy and too picky and too difficult to satisfy and etc etc. somemore so many things happen i lost my appetite in eating expensive food.
Anyway, still want to thanks Nick, at least he make an effort to remind me that i'm not fat and i should eat more........

Went to the high class hawker centre in Lot10 last weekend, i really think the food there are really over price, there's no difference between eating in food court than eating there. sigh........

and since CIMB bank give out free voucher so i got a free mocha drink from Dome!! Nice one. but too bad i'm in a hurry so can't enjoy the mocha.
Real sad, everything got to rush, time is just a tool for us to use, i don't understand why sometime we need to rush through alot of thing. Mainly is because of my upbringing that we should not waste time and should not be late, so i tend to feel guilty if people wait for me so tend to rush through everything when i know there's someone waiting for me.
Haiz, wasted my free mocha from Dome.........

Anyway, i think i said edy, i should not be complaining about every single thing....Spend my new year eve and new year of 2012 in this hospital....
Is a private hospital with they call it big white shark. Slept at the chair there on that night. It's an sleepless night which makes me realize my life as a doctor in near future will be like that.....

Alright, enough typing random stuff. It's CHINESE NEW YEAR soonnnnn....next week it is. This is Pavilion on last friday when there's Astro event for the new movie. The very chinese new year feel shopping centre! Nice.

Till then.

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Roll’On applicator!

With the flexible #TrueMatch Roll’On applicator, you’ll get an ultra even coverage that visibly covers creases on your skin.

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Sometime, blogging in a blog that not many reader is a good thing, at least i can say out whatever i want.

As i said previously,  many things happen, i had dealt with lots and lots of people esp in healthcare line. Some doctors are really good and nice. Some doctors, i dono what to comment, is just make people felt uncomfortable. I thanks the first GP that make the diagnosis on time and referred immediately. But the GP i went today, really felt bad for all his patient, with this type of attitude, sigh, if not because today is sunday most GP not open i oso won't go there lar.

Also some aunties, seriously, i just hope they can just keep their mouth shut and stop being so 3-8. Apparently people don't want to tell then mar stop asking. REally auntiesssss, hate their big mouth and busybody attitude!!!

sigh, i think for now that's it. still not very happy. but i'll be fine. \

Till then.

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I heard of this saying before : "When you feel that you're depress, don't stay on pity yourself, get up and go out to help others". Yupe, i do felt abit unhappy recently, partly cause lots of things happen. Also, busy then weight not dropping as much as i want (ok this one just to exaggerate...) and also etc etc lar.

So this weekend i decided to go back hometown, by bus, as usual, the 10 hours bus journey thing keep playing in my mind, plus i don't have a good birthday or new year celebration this year, ok who cares, there's more important issue to concern about during this period of time. Sigh. Nvm, so while on the bus back from Batu Pahat to KL , i felt quite depress in the bus.

Then, when i reach Tasik Selatan, and taking LRT to go Plaza Rakyat so can go Puduraya change bus back from KL to Ayer Tawar, i met an elderly man at the LRT station, he ask me, is the LRT going to Puduraya? i told him yes, so he went on to the LRT, and insider the LRT, he met another elderly man, both of them start talking, i overheard their conversation, both of them also are elderly in their 60s, and i assume they came to KL to stay with their children, and now they are like taking LRT alone, and both of them agree that they are quite blur about the road and transport system in KL etc etc. As i was listening (ok i should not simply listen to other people's conversation, but this one it really make me think...), i was thinking, how can a children let their elderly parents came KL and let them take public transport alone when they don't really familiar with the system. Worse still, the first elderly man is like carrying a heavy bag and he is planning to go Puduraya take bus to Genting meet his family i guess.

I know we're really busy, many things need to be done, we can't afford to spend too much time with our parents, but, should a good children let their parents take public transport that their parents not even familiar with alone just like that. I really dono, probably their children have their own difficulty which i could not understand, but i believe a good children should treat their parents better.

When the LRT reach Plaza Rakyat station, i know although i'm a 'heartless' and unfriendly person, i should at least offer my help to the first elderly man as he seem so blur and he might just get missing if no one help him. So i offer to guide him to the PUduraya station as i'm going the same way as well, also, i offer to help him carry his heavy bag, ok, it's really heavy but nvm, i'm strong enough. So i carry his bag, guide him all the way from the LRT station to the bus ticket counter in Puduraya. On the way, only i found out that he fractured his humeral bone and his shoulder joint is an artificial joint. I was thinking, how can his children just left the father carry such heavy bag and walk alone and travel alone to Genting while this father had an fracture before!!

Alright, i'm no body to judge anyone, but through helping people, i do felt better after that, i realize i'm not that pityful afterall. I 'm still able to help others. Hopefully i'll be better and bring more joy to people around me. LOL

Till then.

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Don’t know where to go for dinner tonight? Drop by at Openrice.com and search over 12,000 restaurants! #MakanNShare

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Heaven and Hell: A Thousand to One (1987年-天堂和地狱的见证)

By Rev. Park, Yong Gyu.
朴勇奎牧师(译音,真实汉字不详,罗马拼音为Park Yong-Gyu
「我想你知道,假如你是一个自负和高傲的人,你将会为自己带来咒诅。我有一所拥有五千名会员的超级教会,但因着我的自负, 神把我击倒了。现在,我惧怕 神。」
一 九八七年十二月十九日,我吃完午餐,在休息的时候,开始感到剧痛,我感到即将要死,那痛苦实在无法忍受,然后我失去了知觉,当我醒来的时候,围着我的人说 已经过去了四个星期,我处于植物人状态中,当时,医生说我最终会死,我全身各部位都瘫痪,因着我的样子,我的家人从不让教会的人来探访,我的样子很可怕, 最后我死了。
就在我死的那一刻,我实时看见两个人进入我的房间,但这两个人是穿过墙壁进入我房间的,我惊呼:「你你们是谁??你们这让做会弄坏我的房子!!」然后那些天使说:「我们是从天堂下来的天使,我们来自 神的国。」那些天使发出耀眼的光辉,他们把我置于他们中间,我问:「你们怎样来的?」
在 我右边的天使自我介绍:「我为耶稣在祂的国里作差使,耶稣召了我,然后命令我下来地上,祂命令我带你去天堂,你已经死了,但由于你的家人极大的悲哀呼喊, 祂想赐你多些时间生存,但现在,祂想先给你看天堂和地狱,祂将会给你看,你将会跟地上的人作见证。愿因着你的见证,终结在地狱的人减少,进入天国的人增 多,这是你的任务。神指示我们去告诉你不要耽延,假如你耽延,你将不能造访天堂和地狱。」
然 后我左边的天使介绍他自己,说:「你出生的那一刻,直到你死去的那一刻,我一直与你同在。」在那时,我不明白那天使说甚么,现在我明白了,他是我的护卫天 使,然后我说:「我不能去!去不会去!我是一位牧师!我不能以这种身体状态去见主,我想健健康康地去见祂!我应该会得到更多责备,而不是称赞,我自负和高 傲,现在我被咒诅了、病了,我怎能进入天堂?我很害怕,请求你回去天堂,求主医治我,然后回来在梦里带我去天堂,请为了我求怜悯。」但那些天使没有理会我 的理论,他们除去我的衣服,并且说在天堂穿它们是非常之污秽的,他们然后帮 我穿上一件白袍。
天堂的景致在我眼前展开了,实在是难以形容!我永远无法以地上的字眼去形容天堂的景象,我说:「主!很感谢你!即使我又自负又高傲,又被咒诅生病, 祢仍然带我四处去看天堂。」
我回答不到第五条问题, 主就着第五条问题责备我。
主续道:「天使将会给你看天堂和地狱很多处的地方,你想看多少就尽管去看,当你见证了天堂和地狱的不同地方,你将会离开。」但 主不准许我见 祂的面。
很多人都会问我那些小孩子年纪有多大,当我第一次来的时候,我以为他们是幼儿园的年龄,他们不是我们所认知的男孩或是女孩的性别,每一个小孩子都有他们的婴孩天使陪伴他们。在天堂,大部份的灵魂都有自己的独立屋,然而,有些人是没有屋子的(约翰福音14:2),我会迟些解释这个问题。另外,那些小孩子也是没 有自己的家的,我问:「那些小孩子也是灵魂,为甚么他们没有自己的家?」
天 使回答:「有七样事情,一个人必须做,使材料得以提供,用以建造他们的屋子。第一样是他们累积对神的赞美和敬拜;第二样是他们花在读圣经的时间;第三样是 他们花在祈祷的时间;第四样是他们所花在向人传福音的时间;第五样是一个人向主所付出的奉献;第六样是他们向神所纳的十一奉献;最后一样,是他们所花在以 任何形式去侍奉教会的时间。这些是行为或是顺服所作的工,使一个人能累积材料去建造在天堂的屋子,假如一个人 在这些范围内有不足,他们将不会有材料去建造他们的屋子。」
第 二个地方是给那些满有信心的成年人的。救恩与赏赐是有区别的,这个地方有很多屋子,这些屋子是以漂亮的宝石和稀有石材来建造的,有些屋子有在地上的摩天大 楼一样高。那些人在地上活着的时候充满信心地去侍奉主,他们的住处就能以漂亮的宝石和稀有石材来建造,在这个特别的地方,所有人看来大约二十到三十岁,他 们没有性别的,那里没有疾病、衰老和瘸腿的。
有一次我认识一位长老名叫「Oh.Im.Myung」 (韩国人),他在六十五岁离世,他是一位个子很小的男人,他像小学二年级的学生一样高,他得到一个很少有的「佝偻病」,然而,在圣经的知识上,他是一个博 士。他写过很多释经藉作。我在天堂见到他,现在他又高又英俊,他不再有疾病,他很健康,天堂是一个很奇妙的地方!!我充满着期待!亲爱 的人们,请相信我所说的!
第 三个地方,是那些羞耻地得救的人聚集的地方,这个特别的村落非常之大,这个地方比起第二个地方,就是那些住处由宝石和有石材所建造成的地方大几倍。我坐着 一架金色的马车到达这个地方,我以高速抵达。这个地方离天堂漂亮的地方很遥远,我问那些天使:「我看见很大的荒野领域,为何我看不见住所的?」
我 看见巨大而广阔的屋子,屋子的形状让我想起一个巨大的鸡笼,或是某种仓库,这些屋子非常之低劣,这条村和住处是给那些羞耻地得救的灵魂。这里有为数众多的 巨型而低劣,看似是屋子的东西,这条村比起得着赏赐的人所住的地方大几倍,那天使说:「你有没有看见那两间大屋,一间在你右边,一间在你左边?」
那 天使说想特地给我看那两间大屋,他说:「右边的屋是给那些在地上是做牧师的,左边的屋是给那些在地上是作长老的。」当我们到达那两间屋的前方,我发觉它们 是极大无比的,我的下颚跌下来了。当我们打开门进去,我第一个印象是「鸡笼」,住在他们的笼里的不是鸡,而是灵魂。那天使建议我非常之细心去观察,因为我 能认出一些历史上著名的牧师,是真的,我认出很多历史上的牧师,我特别指着一位牧师,然后跟天使说:「我认识这位韩国牧师!我知道他很有名,也知道他为主 所做过的事情!为甚么他会在这里?我不明白!」
这 位特殊的牧师在韩国被大大的尊崇,在韩国的基督教历史中,他是一个偶像,但他没有赏赐!!牧师们,请听!你们必须带领人们更多,不限于主日崇拜。你必须去 探访他们,你必须照顾贫穷的、瘸腿的和老弱的,那些在生命里没有牺牲去侍奉的牧师、而且喜爱受荣耀的牧师,在天堂里没有赏赐。
我 在天堂见证了这个情景之后,我回到地上,我立刻将自己所拥有的东西给出去,包括我五台豪华座驾。我们的生命只是片刻,在圣经里提及到,人一生约七十到八十 岁,但只有神知道一个人何时会死,任何人都可以在七十到八十岁之前离世。我决定了将所有东西给出去,即使我的衣着。在我所看见的人于耻辱中得到救恩,他们 是牧师、长老、执事和平信徒,有无数的长老和执事在那扁平低劣的屋子里居住,当然,总比起去地狱好。不过,谁愿意像这样进入天堂?我不要在羞耻的地方告 终,就连他们的衣着都是低劣的。
基督徒要得到像在天堂漂亮的屋子需要甚么呢?让我们讨论这个。首先,我们要尽可能跟越多人传福音越好,我问过一个很重要的问 题,我们应该怎样传福音?天使回答我说:「假设有一个不信者不认识 主, 就在你决定去跟那个人传福音的一刻,给你建屋的材料就已经提供了,当你不住地为他们的救恩祈祷,就会有更多的建材提供。你必须持续去检验他们,探访他们和 持续你的传道,这个会加添更多建屋的材料。假如一个人说他不能去教会,是因为没有体面的衣着,你必须提供给他们;假如一个人说没有圣经,你必须要提供一 本;假如一个人说他没有眼镜去读圣经,你必须要提供眼镜给他们;你必须提供任何你能力范围内的东西给这个人,使他能被带领到主那里,那些住在天上最好的房 子的人,就是那些传过很多次道的人。」
在基督教历史中,有四个人有着最大和最漂亮的屋子,那天使给我看美国布道家德怀特莱曼穆迪(D.L.Moody)的屋子;第二间我看见的屋子是英国的牧师约翰韦斯利(John.Wesley),第三间屋子是一位意大利的布道家的屋子;第四间屋子是韩国的布道家「Choi.Gun.Nung」 (译音)。这四个人在天堂有最大的屋子。天使告诉我这四个人将他们的整个人生都向人传福音,即使直到死也是。在韩国的信徒当中,有一个平信徒有一个很大的 屋子,这个平信徒将自己所拥有的付出,建立了很多教会建筑物,他曾经将三千包米分给穷人,他秘密地经济上帮助数千名牧师和领袖,他帮助过神学生读书和他们 在圣经学院的学费,他也收纳了一位六十五岁的牧师在自己的家里,照顾周到,因为那牧师自己的教会把他踢走了。
第二、那些在天上拥有巨大房屋的,是那些曾经在地上以自己的财产和资源兴建教会建筑物,或是其他为了 神国而建的建筑物。
我恳求看我的屋子,但他们不批准,我继续乞求,经过一些坚持的乞求,那天使说主现在批准了。我们进了马车,去了另一处很远的地方,当我们离开,我问天使:「去那里要多久?」但他们响应说我说话太多了。最后,经过一段时间,天使告知 已经到达了,我满有期望地问:「我的屋子呢?」
天 使回答:「就在这里!」但那地方看起来像建造的初期,我大喊:「你们怎能这样对我?这个怎可能发生的?我的屋子怎能在地盘中?经历了韩战,我卖了我仅有的 房子去建立一家教会,这家教会最后成长到五千会员的教会,我被圣灵感动写了很多书,其中一本成为了畅销书,我用卖书所得的收益兴建了基督教学院,那学院出 了二百四十名牧师,我在任院长的时候,曾给与四百个贫穷孩子四百个奖学金,我又建立过房子给寡妇居住,这些所有都需要大量的金钱,所以怎会这样的?我的屋 子为何在一个兴建中的地盘里?我很失望!」
我 们进入了我的房间,我看见两张证书挂在墙上。我去读上面所写的字,第一张证书上面描述在我十八岁的时候,住在一间孤儿院,在圣诞节当日,我在回到教会的早 上崇拜的途中,看见一个老人在街上颤抖着,我除下自己的外衣给他,那行为给了我在天堂一个奖赏;第二张证书形容同样的情况,这次是我当时只有很少金钱,却 买了一些面包给那老人。金钱的多寡不是问题,真实的信心是与行为并行的,金钱的多与少并不重要。
我 们离开了那地方出来,乘车的时候,其中一个天使问:「你很伤心?我会告诉你怎样可以有一个漂亮的屋子的建造,主说当你回到地上,你必须去向人们见证你看过 的天堂和地狱;第二,主想你兴建一个地方去聚集年老而没有地方可去或是没有住处的牧师和传道人,假如你真正充满信心去做这些事,你会有一个漂亮的屋子。」
「在 地上有无数的教会,很多教会都充满着人,然而,他们当中大部份都不是真正的基督徒,他们仅仅是教会的出席者,真正的教会,会坚定不移地相信天堂和地狱,很 多基督徒的生命在混乱当中,是因为他们没有坚定不移地相信天堂和地狱,每当一个灵魂相信天堂,就有一千个受咒诅的灵魂进入地狱,天堂和地狱的比率是一比一 千。」
我 是一个长老会的牧师,我是一个有名的讲员,我在韩国其中一间最大的神学院毕业,我曾经上学的神学院在韩国是最大的传统神学学院之一,我不相信天堂和地狱的 故事,现在,我是那个记下这些经历,向别人作证的人。虽然你相信,而你亦是一位基督徒,但如果你的生命是根据魔鬼的意愿去活,你将会终结 在地狱里。
他 们带我去的第一个地方是硫磺之地。你能够想象地狱的火有多热吗?没有一个人能忍受那炽热。在地狱里,你只会听见三句说话,第一,很热!感觉死了一样!第 二,很口渴!感觉死了一样!第三,你会听到很多人恳求要水。这是永恒的!很多人声称我们在基督里得了自由,他们自己想怎样活就怎样 活,我问那天使:「在这里的人,做了甚么事?」
那天使续说:「第二群人是那些相信 耶稣,但没有悔改自己的罪的人。」
我 们必须悔改自己的罪,我们必须向主坦白承认自己的罪,我们必须不能犯罪,嘴唇上的敬拜不是悔改。我们必须要带着真诚痛悔的心悔改!然后我在地狱里看见很多 牧师、长老和执事,我问天使:「我认识他们,他们在地上充满信心地事奉神,他们在不久前离世,我们全都以为他们在天堂与神同在,但现在,我在地狱见到他们 所有人,他们在哭喊呼叫很热!他们在这里的原因是甚么?」这里有无数的牧师、长老、执事和所有其他的平信徒。
那 天使回答:「朴勇奎牧师,一个人外表看起来可以像一个基督的跟随者,但神知道人的内心,他们没有在星期日(主日)保守自己圣洁,确切地说,他们喜爱在星期 日赚钱。很多执事和长老批评他们的牧师的讲道,他们没有适当地纳十一奉献,他们不祈祷,他们几乎不向人传福音。这些长老和执事当中,很多都会不断攻击他们 的牧师,会与他们的权柄敌对,他们干与牧师的岗位和事务。在他们死亡的 床禢上,他们还以为自己做了很多对的事情,所以他们没有为着这些事而悔改,这是他们被扔到地狱的火里的原因。」
「这 些人们有工作、屋子和家庭,但他们没有将这些奉献给神,他们没有帮助贫穷人、他们的教会或是其他以爱神为目的的事情,他们非常之吝啬和贪心。即使他们遇见 穷人,他们也不理会他们,不关心他们,他们只为自己和自己的家庭,他们穿得好,吃得好,有一个舒适的生命,这是为何他们的肚腹被刺捅,是因为他们的肚子充 满着贪婪。」
天 使续说:「第二样罪,他们会以自己的说话去侮辱教会,他们会骚扰其他基督徒达到一个程度,就是满有信心的人都被他们影响,然后他们停止去教会,甚至使一些 人不再相信。他们尽自己所能去使充满信心的基督徒停止执行神的工作,这些邪恶的人令很多有信心的人绊跌,最后,很多配偶因此而喝酒,他们会虐待自己的家 人。」
那 天使说:「这些是作为儿子、女儿、女婿、媳妇的,他们在他们的父母,外父或是外母背后说闲话,他们以前都要做的应该是说「对不起。」而不是使事情更糟。他 们当中很多人会用粗言秽语,他们以难听的言语攻击他们的父母或是外父、外母,他们是叛逆的,这是为甚么他们的嘴辱被切开。」
我 亲爱的兄弟姊妹们,我习惯不理会这些见证,我曾经是一位传统的长老会牧师,从不理会这些东西,但现在,我必须向你作见证我所看见过的东西,请求你不要顾 虑、或是犹豫去活一个圣洁的生命。请避免那痛苦的折磨和审判,要得救!不要为自己的肉体而活,要顺服神的国。请为那些不认识耶稣的人祈祷。要传道和结果 子,请在清晨祈祷,和保守星期日(主日)圣洁,请向主正当地和适当地纳十一,将自己的赏赐积聚在天上,而不是在地上,我奉全能之 主耶稣之名祝福你们!

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