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I'm writing this post, just a short one, to remind myself, how GREAT is my GOD.

GOD is great, ALL THE TIME.

Because i'm back in Seremban, and my dear bf Nick is busy practising for the  competition at church, so i drive his car go buy drinks in 7-11 in nearby the church. And as usual, as a super lousy driver, i got into trouble again. This time, because i didn't see the longkang in front, so i drive the car through the longkang and my car get stuck in between the longkang, when i'm still in shock phase, i really dono what to do, cause i change to Reverse, the car cannot move, i change to D, the car cannot move as well no matter how hard i press. That time i'm alone, in front of some shops, felt hopeless. I cry out to GOD. My bf is busy practising and i felt bad to call him for this matter. And i dono who else can help me.

All of a sudden, miracle appear, an uncle suddenly walk towards my car and told me, your car can't move, cause it stuck in the longkang. I really dono how, so i ask him for help, so he try to push the car, but the car cannot move. Then he get a stone to put there so my car can move, and another miracle happen, the car move!!!! Then the uncle's son come, help me as well, and cause it still abit stuck, he offer to help me drive the car and get the car out of that situation.

I really really felt very grateful to the two uncles! Seriously, i had never thought that in this type of situation, God actually send nice people to help me!!!!! I do offer to pay them cause i felt very grateful, and being a spoilt "qian jin xiao jie", the only thing i have is money, so i offer to pay them, but they refuse to take my money, and told me i'm lucky to meet them and they do this just for kindness and cause they saw me so helpless.

I don't know where they come from, but i know, GOD sent them to help me. Really a miracle, who would thought of getting help from random people when stuck in this situation. Kind people do exist in this world. I thanks God for what had happen. I wrote this post to remind myself that people had help me, i should be kind as well in future.

Till then. GOD is SO SO SO GREAT!!!

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