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Some knowledge

I wrote a portfolio on patient with lung cancer, i wrote one page learning issue on how smoking especially chronic heavy smoking cause lung cancer, i wrote about male smoker have 23x risk of getting lung cancer than normal person, i wrote about cessation of smoking will drastically reduce the risk of lung cancer, or in patient with lung cancer, cessation of smoking can reduce the disease progression.

Then the next day, i went to a bar, it's own by few of Nick's highschool friends, it's an open ceremony, nice music, nice environment, and got nice beer to drink (for free!!). But, most of the people there smokes, including guys and girls. I remembered of the whole page learning issue i wrote, on smoking. I foresee the future of those people who starts smoking as such young age. One cigarettes after another, pity their bronchioles and alveoli. I dono, probably in 30-40 years time, some medical students might be writing about their smoking habit related to the disease..... Nothing can be done for now, i won't want to be the party spoiler that told those smoker, hey look, u have 23 x risk of getting lung cancer in future. They won't stop right?!

And even it's not lung cancer, the risk of getting cancer in Malaysia now is 1 in 4, yeah, it's ONE in FOUR........such high rate u know, so four friends hang out, one of them will get cancer in future, such SCARY number.......and things is, those common cancer won't present at early stage.......sigh cancer cancer.

Oh and worth mention, i just realize, i wrote a CRC case for report when i'm in Sem 6, and now in sem 10, i wrote a CRC as my portfolio again in surgery posting. And when i'm in internal medicine posting, i wrote a lung cancer for report, now i'm in sem 10, i wrote another bronchogenic carcinoma as my portfolio. On top of that, i spend one month in a cancer institute doing elective when i'm sem 8. And i kept getting the oncologist as my lecturer during my internal posting. Guess if next time i end up being an oncologist, it's not surprising at all....LOL

Few pictures to show, i read from on line, captured online, quite nice advice, for a smart girl...

The last one, consequences of bad lifestyle and diet.......

So people pls take care of your health, i'm reminding myself too. Till then.

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