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The season

It's Xmas season. Ok i know today it's already 27th, but just bear with me. Cause i seriously super post-call and had not really sleep well since 2 days ago. Spent the whole Boxing day in the labour room, Xmas day spent go police station and typing reports at home. Back home this morning at 640am from hospital, then 11am go hospital again then go class then until now haven't sleep.....

My life is just this sad. Tomorrow is my bday, and i think it will be spent on doing things that i super hate again, the O&G posting. T_T

Anyway, some pictures here,the super Garden christmas feel in Midvalley!!

Went there during Christmas Eve to meet up with Chloe.
She's still so pretty and cute!!

Chloe and Me at Delicious, Mid Valley, awww, so long never had meals there. Nice one, really miss Chloe and spending time with her! Thanks for her bday present as well, so sweet of her.... =)

Got to left early on that day cause need to go support the band, cause they enter Final and the final competition is on 24th at leisure mall....
The competition call The Battle of the Band, organized by the guitar store. But i think these prices are not as good as they described. Anyway :X

Lets show pictures of the bands....

I like this band cause the lead singers voice is beautiful and the drummer is a girl!! -Diving Judy-

The champian band, they are like professional and do this for living one, how to compare, sigh. And look at the hairs......LOL. I dont really enjoy their performance, but i just feel like laughing at their hairstyle and pattern only. HAHAHAHA.

And the awesome band - Regeneration!! The performance is the best, cause they really put in lots of efforts and the overall performance is just amazing. Love that!!!
Personally, not i bias or what, i think Best Performance Prize should goes to them...
Whatever lar, competition finish. Some photos...taken by nick's Iphone 4S.
Me and Nicole, she is Nick's uni-mate and she's doing so well in OCBC bank currently, earning double or triple my basic paid when i start work..... She looks pretty and elegant!

A picture of Nick and me, he looks COOL in his new jacket!! Nice one.

Finally, the winning picture and group picture......Although is 1st runner up, but we still the best cause first prize do this for living, while we do this just for fun and for competition!

Anyway, our Christmas eve spoilt a little bit by this.....

The car crash at high-way, luckily none injured and Nick's car is the first car so can claimed other car's insurance. So i spent my silent night at police station,

and because too many people want to do accident report, we went again on the next day, which is on Christmas day, after church service,
which explain why i didn't have chance to spent more time with my church members during Christmas. What a christmas season. =(

Lastly, my church members celebrate my birthday early, on Christmas eve night. And cause the cake only took out after every one is soo full, so i had to bring back the cake, and thus i have the whole cake and i'm suppose to indulge the whole fruit cake myself. T_T

No lar, just kidding, it just for me to pose for picture. Nick edit the picture so nice for me using his new Iphone 4S.

Me posing with the cake. No lar, the cake suppose to share with everyone, i brought to church on Christmas morning, but cause need to left early to police station, so don't get to share with everyone... But i try one piece, it's nice though!!

Also thanks Chloe for the birthday card, she purposely chose the one with Chinese word for me!! So thoughful and so sweet of her. =)

Till then. I'm going to sleep liao, super duper post-call. Cannot think anymore......zzzzZZZzzz

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