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probably i should not complain, i have everything i want, i 'm not from some background that is unfavour for a good life. i'm a Christian, and i have many many people who loves me.

Maybe i should just live like this, dealt with whatever i have and don't complain, swallow everything to myself, no need to voice out my opinion as it always go down into deep sea. Probably, cause my feeling is not important at all. I've got everything so i should not complain. I should not ask for more. Maybe. So what i want what i really want or things that promised to me, if there is some circumstances occur, my feeling and opinion should just be put aside. sigh. i oso dono how to explain this, i oso dono what i really want now. Just felt very sad cause my feeling is being push aside, again, as usual, as it always be. Maybe i just dono how to voice out my feeling and i know even if i voice out i'll need to compromise oso, i don't have much choice anyway, as usual. Sigh, just feel like typing this out here cause i really feel bad now.

i'll be fine soon. Till then.

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