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the kg angkat

Alright, let's talk about kg angkat project. Everyone in sem10 in IMU medicine course need to participate in this. It's just how much ur participation will be. Do more work or just go and emo/stone there. I dono about others, but for me, if really want to have fun and achieve the main purpose of this event, then just help up and fully participate in it, regardless of the task given.

So it's a health screening programme and a day with the orang asli people. Main thing is to detect any health related problem among the villages and referred them to the nearest KK, also to create awareness of health among villages.
The kampung, the places we had our health screening programme. The school bus that we took to reach the destination. I really like the idea of going by bus, at least people won't half way drove home....haha.

So it's all about health screening from the morning. I like my task there, which is the station for women health screening, mainly for breast examination. Get to palpate many many breasts on that day, also get to educate villages on how to do breast self examination. Also i do palpated few breast lump, although i cannot 100% sure that's a lesion, but lumps are there.....are there, referral for either mammogram or evaluation by a more experience personnel is definitely needed. Although for some woman, the examination part takes a while to complete, but i'm really glad i do spend time doing breast examination in so many women!!
The healthscreening stations. Really thanks to Barbara for such a well-organized health screening flow, their hard work really paid off!!

Next the open ceremony featuring those big shoot like our Dato' our dean the ketua kampung the hospital representatives etc. Our emcees are very good as well!

Ada looks very pretty in her pink baju kurung!

Also everyone is so enthu in helping up this project. Look at the people bridge that were asked to stand there to pass stuff from the surau to the tadika. We're so united huh. haha
The football match that we organize. Normally as long as we don't lose by double digit we're considered fine.
Not bad, the score is 7-4, at least we still didn't lose that much. LOL

 For the food, Siewkim really did a great job!! providing us with more than enough food....until there's so much left over which enough to feed the whole kampung i think.
Reminds  me of story of 5 breads and 2 fishes in the bible. Good job dear kimmie!!!

One nice picture of the "ROBOT" in the tadika
So creative right!

Another pic of our performance, of the Zumba!! Thanks Karmen!
Zumba Zumba Zumba......let's dance...hehe

Fashion show is nice as well. I really loves Lilian's "angel" Indian outfit, fit her model look and model body so well...
Why is all girls from Sitiawan in my batch so pretty while i'm not. Sigh. =(

Last few group pictures...
The women health screening group!

The more "friendly" people that make friends with Nutrition&Dietition students. Oh the three guys are the awesome committees members, president ian, vice president yuanliang and sponsorship wilkinson. The one standing in middle is just a random kalefer that just pop into the picture....

The overall health screening groups. We rocks!!

Till then.

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