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I'm not sure why, everytime i 'm in this o&g posting, everytime i become more scare of getting those women illness. Because it's just TOOOO common.

Today while driving, suddenly i realize i should go get the HPV vaccination asap, due to my age. I've always wanted to get the vaccination but all the while is either i forgot when i'm free or i just lazy to go check the price and do something about it. U know in overseas, people same age as me had start going for pap smear screening, what m i doing here!!! Then i suddenly realize i got early menarche which i got my first menstruation at the age of 11, which is one of the risk factor for those cancer. And although i teach so many women on breast self examination esp during that kg angkat day, i didn't really compliance to this self examination thing.

Alright i do agree doctors sometime have alot of knowledge, advice their patient all sorts of healthy advice, but didn't really carry out those advice themselves. I hope i won't end up like those. Guess what, i can answer all the anorexic nervosa SAQ during exam but yet i'm still having frequent relapse. I always thought once a month is bad enough for me, but recently it had become two time in a months thing. T_T

Anyway, just some random thought today. it's like 23rd Dec now and i still don't feel christmas coming yet! Probably i'm too antisocial recently. Sigh. All i want for christmas is a thinner and healthier me.

Till then.

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