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God is great...part2

Yeap, post kg angkat day.....Tire, but relieve it's over. I think the whole event is very well-organize!

Finally we finish 75% of our study here in Batu pahat....

Many things happen recently. Oh since Iphone 4S had launched, Nick finally got his dream come true. Now he is fully apple crazy, and everyday playing his Iphone. So i should be glad that i'm stuck here in Batu Pahat with this kg angkat thing and couldn't go back Seremban and see him 24-hour with the Iphone... LOL.

Anyway, will post about kg angkat soon, really felt that Kg angkat is the place where people show their own self. Really, those that are self-fish, the selfishness seen super clearly during this event. Those that really got some issues with hanging around with people, the issue become bigger there. Those who like to complain, will continue complain there. =_=lll only those who crazy crazy abit one will have real fun and enjoy the whole event there!!
Anyway, my purpose of this post is not on kg angkat, is another post to remind me how great is our God again...

Since yesterday is the Kg Angkat thing, we are stuck who day in the kampung, so i didn't get to go church yest night. So i decided to wake up early today and go church today. But i woke up abit late, er around 815am, the church service starts at 830am one i think. so i quickly prepare and drove out.

Ok, i actually dono where's the church, just roughly remember the direction which Pris told me yesterday in the kampung when i ask her.

But, expected, as a road-blink.....i couldn't find the way. I drove to the area around there, during the journey, i pass by this church van with the name of the church i wanted to go on it, but i saw that the van is still empty, so i just drove pass it without thinking anything. After that, obviously, i couldn't find the church and i turn back home. During that time, i was thinking since i don't get to go church, then i mights well bring out my laptop and go somewhere with free wireless service and just go to see the online sermon from City Harvest Church.

I really went back home and packed my laptop then plan to drove towards town, i was thinking probably i can go to McD to use the free wireless. Then, miracle happen!!! While i was driving out to a junction, i saw that same church van that i saw this morning!! and that van is full of people now. So, without any hesitation, i make an U-turn and follow that van!!!!

True enough, as my 6th sense tells me, this church is going towards the church. I reach the church, and was amaze that the church is actually very huge and nice!! Seriously, if i didn't go today, i won't have know that there's such a big church building in Batu Pahat! Anyway, that's the end of the miracle that i would like to record down here. Really thanks God for being such real to me and show me the way everytime i need him.

Finish a lengthy post, next some photos to show. The jap food we ate during Cheek's bday. It's very nice!

The Haegan Daz cake during Siling's bday. Nice cake!!!! it's an ICE CREAM cake....=)
Went to this restaurant called Bean talk, the food is nice, cheap and special! The taufuhua is nice as well. That shop is near Square one batu pahat.

Lastly, since everyone is going to watch TV show on friday night, look at the crowds!!!
 Our batch ppl are quite united sometime. hahaha.

Till then.

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