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I do realize that there is no comment box in my blog, the thing is, my friend thought me before but i dono where i kept that mail and i lazy to go change it, so there is no comment box in this blog. Nvm la, i don't get much comment anyway as most my blog post just read by me and myself only. Comments can send to my email. LOL
Today let's talk about Starbucks Card

What is the Starbucks Card? 

The Malaysia Starbucks Card is a stored value card that offers you greater convenience when you make your purchase at any Starbucks store in Malaysia. With the ease of one quick swipe, you can use it to purchase anything from your favorite beverage to whole bean coffee or the latest range of tumblers !
It's more than just a stored value card

Start enjoying these benefits from your very first use:

A complimentary grande handcrafted beverage of your choice on us when you've purchased:
ANY 10 handcrafted beverages, ANY tumbler, or ANY whole cake.

You can also get a complimentary250g whole bean coffee or a 12-pack VIA® Ready Brew when you've purchased 8 packets of 250g whole bean coffee or 12-pack VIA® Ready Brew.

I copied this from the website. Nowadays, purchasing things are getting easier, u don't even need cash to buy a starbucks, i guess since u didn't see the cast you tend to spend more?!
Anyway, really a good deal, i was asked to buy this card when i went to starbucks last few weeks, but i didn't buy it probably cause i think i seldom drink. but now think back, probably i should get one since i had become more and more caffeine addict....T_T

Lastly, i showed one FISHy-like cake last time, is Nick buy for his cousin Sean during his birthday. Yest, we went Cheek's bday and we bought him this CAT-y aka CAT-cu-pine cake!!

Cute leh...haha

Till then. Portfolio again. T_T

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