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Well, it's the Birthday again....Now that i had delivered few babies, i understand that, my birthday is not just about me, it's about my mum, lying in labour room, trying hard to push me down and then my head come out through the vagina, then the nurse or doctor pull my shoulder and grab me out, next i cry while they clamp my umbilical cord, busy doing suction on me, taking my cord blood, then wipe me etc etc etc......

So nothing special about someone's birthday, it's mother's effort that needs to be appreciate. Anyway, since today morning we went to ward and not many women in labour, sigh apparently not many baby want to come out during my birthday huh. LOL.

What i want for birthday, same, a slimmer and healthier me. Also, a healthy parents and loving family and all the good wish to my dear boyfriend Nick.

My sister do this for me, so just thought of sharing up here...

So sweet of her!

Till then. Izit too much if i pray for an Iphone4S for my birthday present? My beloved samsung phone had been disappointing me lately with suddenly being switch off, or suddenly jam and hang there.... =_=lll

Ps: Now what i want for my birthday is my parents to be very very healthy. Trust God.

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