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the band

Well, i woke up super early this morning due to the abdominal discomfort. but just a minimal one, guess just due to the bladder distension cause i m getting more n more caffein addicted and my kidney kept diuresis and produce urine. ok, whatever going on, as long as i'm good and lose more weight, my weight had been fluctuating and causing huge distress on me. Sigh.

Anyway, don't talk about sad stuff early in morning. Yeap, let's show the picture of the band competition my dear bf Nick joining... is call Battle of the Bands, can go find on fb.

The awesome band - Regeneration!!
Went to Leisure mall support the band, and the thing that i'm very impressed by one of the band is their SHOES!!!
OMG how i wish i can wear this high heels while playing instrument and look good on it!! Impressive!!! The girls are pretty as well btw.

Next, probably is just a morning craving, i suddenly feel like eating fish, saw these japanese salmon on dono which website, looks so nice. Hhhmm, probably my bday i should force ppl go eat fish with me. hahaha.
Lastly, the super nice piano cake that my sis showed me.
The thing is, if i got this cake during my bday, i'll probably not eat it cause it's full of chocolates, which contraindicating my diet plan. LOL.

Till then. Good morning people and Have a Nice Day!!

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