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Medical books for sales

Towards the end of my study, i've some books to sell, so, anyone who are interested pls contact me through email or phone.
Reason of selling is quite simple, cause i 'm shifting house soon and i'm not able to bring back so many books, so would like to sell it off in a cheap price. Both of the following books, although it's second hand, it's quite new, and the passcode for online version of the book, i never touch or scrap off. So these books can considered as new books!!

Hacker and Moore's essentials of obstetrics and gynecology [Book]
By Neville F. Hacker, Joseph C. Gambone, Calvin J. Hobel - Saunders/Elsevier (2009) - Paperback - 475 pages
ISBN-10: 1416059407 | ISBN-13: 978-1416059400 | Publication Date: February 4, 2009 | Edition: 5

Note that the passcode for online version of this book had not been scrap off!!

Quoted from Amazon and Elsevier:
Get guidance on evaluation, diagnosis, and management of a wide range of obstetric and gynecologic disorders from the most comprehensive and concise reference on the subject. The 5th Edition of this popular and practical resource features additional clinical photos and material on vaccination and disease prevention. The full-color design with illustrations and photographs complement the text. Access the full text online, along with an additional image gallery, case studies, and online note-taking via Student Consult for a better learning experience.
  • Features a full-color design and images for a visually accessible guide that easily correlates to actual clinical experience. 
  • Delivers must-know information efficiently and effectively through a concise, clear writing style. 
  • Features a chapter on vaccination and disease prevention and origin for increased clinical focus and utility. 
  • Incorporates more clinical photographs for a clearer visual presentation of clinical applications. 
  • Reflects changes in the APGO/CREOG objectives through updated content
Market Price: $51.34 / RM 162.30
Selling Price: RM 100
Contact Miss Tan at qitea28@yahoo.com or 012-5144761

Medicine & surgery: an integrated textbook [Book]
By Eric Kian Saik Lim, Yoon Kong Loke, Alastair M. Thompson - Churchill Livingstone (2007) - Paperback - 1042 pages - ISBN 0443072604
 Note that the passcode for online version of this book had not been scrap off!!

Quoted from Amazon :
This is a stunning new hybrid textbook that has evolved as a direct response to the increasing integration of the two disciplines of medicine and surgery in today's medical curricula. The advantage of this combined approach is it reduces the amount of reading by the elimination of repetition (and inconsistencies) to provide an integrated explanation of the common problems faced both by students during exams and clinicians in daily practice. This book's greatest asset is the ability to illustrate that medical and surgical treatment options are actually part of a continuum in the management of disease.An integrated textbook combining the two major clinical specialities of general medicine and general surgery.Written and edited by a team of physicians and surgeons supported by a team of specialist subject advisors.Puts medicine and surgery in the context of the continuum of disease management and outlines a comprehensive and structured approach to patient management.Adopts a current evidence-based approach with extensive use of national and international guidelines.A full colour textbook with innovative design features and illustrations. 

Market Price: £44.64 / RM 220.30
Selling Price: RM 100
Contact Miss Tan at qitea28@yahoo.com or 012-5144761

Thanks. Have a nice day!

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