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After a super long weekend, i'm back to this Batu Pahat starting another busy life. Sigh, how nice if i can stay back in Seremban........Anyway, i came back with mixed feeling, and i found out things that make me more shock.

First, in order to follow up patient, i went back to ward and to my surprise, for such urgent case, until now the main investigation result not yet out. sigh. should i blamed people for not putting such urgent case in priority or should i just tell myself to accept the fact. probably i should just take this as my lesson and work harder next time.

Then another patient, to my super duper surprise, the outcome is really really heart-breaking. So people out there, youngster or whoever, DO NOT PLAY WITH PARAQUAT, It's a super life threatening condition.............I left batu pahat with the hope that this week i came back, i can see a more cheerful patient which recover from adjustment disorder. But when i'm in Seremban, my friend inform me my patient is transferred to ICU. I still gave some hope that probably after the supportive care we provide, patient will recover from the chemical pneumonitis. But today i went to ICU, i'm very very sad n surprise to find out that, my patient had been discharged vertically.

Youngster, if you don't intend to die, do not mess with those toxin stuff. I can imagine how sad is the parents of this patient, and i still remember the condition of this patient when he first admitted. Life is sooo precious.

Next to talk about food, read from website, also seen from my lecturer's slides while he is teaching on Diabetes. Guess what, i had been going for Diabetes Mellitus class once a week for the past 2 and a half months. DM is such a big topic and such distressing illness........Pls stop drinking Coca-Cola........and eat like this everyday:

Means most of the food that we take in should be consists of lots n lots of fiber. Don't ignore proteins, if not you'll end up like me, have super low urea level, inadequate muscle mass and low calcium level.

Just want to show some food picture...The duck noodle i ate that day
and Snow Flakes!

Some nice animation pictures to show. above Boy-Girl Relationship....

Nice one!!

Till then.

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