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The lesson of the day is: DO NOT CONSUME SLIMMING PILL if you don't know the content, and even you know, DONT eat it as well, you'll never know when the interstitial nephritis sets in and when will the kidney decided to fail.....Had heard of people eating slimming pill till kidney damage, but i never seen one before.

Today in clinic, i saw one patient, having ESRF due to probably drug induced. Fingers point towards the slimming pill. Now got to suffer the PD and later HD. Sigh, i'm quite speechless when heard of it. Really, now so many slimming pills available, but the side effects won't be revealed by the company. So play safe, get slim by the correct way, like doing exercise. Don't be like me oso, get slim through anorexic, it's not good oso. Sigh, who ask us be girls.
Went back Seremban last weekend, for the support of dear Nick for the audition and also this performance in Seremban parade.

Really a great performance!

A picture of us taken prior to the performance. I think Nick's hairstyle is very cool!!!

Next the cutie fishy birthday cake for Nick's cousin, who newly join our church!!
So cute leh. it taste good as well. Thanks to Nick for buying this cake.

Till then.

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