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Early christmas

Oh well, after many days of being close up in the room to do this lovely portfolio~~~~ =_=lll
I decided to post some happy post here...
Let's show pictures of the Christmas decoration in Pavilion KL this year!!

I think the theme this year is RED christmas, as most of the decoration is in Red colour!

Loves this candy decoration.

And the dream 旋转木马. My sister gonna LOVE it very much!

A nice pic of me taking in front of the candy...
Oh this RED rain deer are so lovely. Captured here pityful Nick help me carry the shopping bag and walk around in pavilion and took pictures for me in front of most of the decorations.....

So sweet of him!
Alright, got to stop here and go continue that portfolio. Sigh Zumba class postphone, so no exercise today.

Till then.

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