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the blog award

Well i seldom read those famous blog nowadays cause i seldom really spent my time blog hopping. Will only read my close friends' blog and my sister blog and some random blog that i find it interesting.

So recently, cause this nuffnang sent this email to everyone. Ok i seldom open their email, but since i'm abit boring that day i do try to open it, and oh, this blog award is back again...

Quite surprisingly, most of the blog being nominated are not familiar to me, but they are very nice blog! probably i had stop blogging for long and had lose in contact with those so called famous blog.... but i'm surprise most of those famouse blog not being nominated or not nominated as much as i think they will. LOL So i've chose my choice....
I love the category for hidden gem, i seriously love the Fashiondes! I think the blog is full of nice pictures and fashionable style pictures!
Also for the travel blog, the Ytravelblog is really good at it, i'll read it if i ever plan to go travel around the world in future.....

Before i end this post, just want to showed this Piano swimming pool..
Saw this pic in facebook, it's so so so nice, how nice if i got this swimming pool in future. LOL. I dont even know how to swim.

Last, post-CFCS syndrome.......

People, PLEASE go check your Thalassaemia status or at least do the screening before marriage. The life of a kids with thalassaemia major is suffering, same goes to their parents......
Till then, guess i'm too boring till go do these stuff. sigh......

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