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Proper Meals

As i promise Nick i'll eat a proper meal, i really do so. Now i think i'm numb to ppl's critic and advices, for me, as long as i don't starve myself and i do know what m i eating, other ppl destructive comment should just be ignored... Sometime we just got to ignore what ppl's comment, they might think they are correct all the time but in the end is wrong. Everyone say i got anemia, so i go do a full blood count today, this morning. Oh btw, i get Prick-ed SIX time before they got enough blood from me to run the blood test. So now the current conclusion is, because i'm anorexic so my blood vessels all collapse dy, so it's very difficult to find my veins now. =( But good thing is, the result turns out that my Hb level is within normal range! the only abnormality in my FBC is the mild neutropenia and slight eosinophilia. No other finding. Good for me. So since the topic is on meals, let me show all food picture here. Of foods that i "encounter" with in Batu Pahat.

The Chinese healthy soup meal, the meal that i promise i'll eat properly.

Yeah, i did finish my food.

Sometime to compensate, wholemeal bread is enough for me, but i make sure i don't starve.
So i still don't understand why ppl want to critic my diet habit.

Next the Thai food! Looks nice, but super spicy. I didn't eat much obviously.
The coconut is nice, but not very ber-isi...

Next theJapanese food
The rice ball is adequate for one meal actually, super filling.......

So believe huh? i ate normally like a normal adult. =)

Lastly saw this picture from a doctor's blog. About speciality a medical student should chose based on his/her personality. I think the one i'm interested with suites me well. LOL

Till then.

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