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piano cafe

So the good thing of my blog is, not many people that i know will read it, more accurately, not many persons that i see everyday will read it. And i'm expressing out my current feeling, even when people read it, this anger/disappointment/sad/depressed mood had long gone.

Probably i'm surrounded by friends that is around the same age or younger than me, that still studying despite growing age, and despite most of our friends had start earning big money, getting married or raising kids. Or probably friends that i mixed with are those that are from rich family and grown up in city which they enjoy the luxurious of city life and spending their parents money like no body business. Oh probably i'm one of them oso, just that i'm fully raise and grown up in a small town and had been labelled as a super pampered kid in that small town, but guess what, when i'm in my current class, i'm like one of the most not rich and the most not pampered kid. Ok lar, at least i wont like go buy a water heater just because the house i rent no water heater. At least i wont ask my dad buy me a fridge to put my stuff in the room. At least i wont like "cannot survive" without an aircorn. At least i 'm not wearing branded shirt every single day. My most expensive bag is that longchamp bag which is a gift, not i buy myself one.

Well i came from a town call Ayer Tawar, but since no one know this town name, and ppl are more familiar with Sitiawan, so i 'll just tell ppl i'm from there. And ppl like to proclaim that they are from that town when they actually just stay there few years of their life. Oh i found a way to differentiate those who are truely born and grown up fully in AT, they owns Motorcycle License at least grade B2!!! Those who everyday tell ppl they are from that town, talk like they know alot of that town, express as if they are very proud of themselves from that town, ok, probably they are really proud of and know alot about this town. I'm really glad i got that motorcycle license, at least i'm not those that talk and look like from a small town but i'm really from small town and i'm not pampered kid from big city.

Ok enough for that, i oso dono what i really want to express through the previous paragraph, just ignore whatever i've type, i'll most probably forgot about it after i type it. Haha.

Since the main reason of this blog is not whatever that i've type, let's just get into topic.
I felt really not happy when ppl like to comment about me like i have no feeling and won't feel anything no matter whatever they do to me. Just because i dont want to eat, doesn't means that i'm sick. And even if i'm sick, this doesn't mean that i need to be punished by being comment, scold or being describe like a dog or animal. There is something call basic courtesy, and even though i might not get angry or show face to ppl, this doesn't mean that i have no feeling and deserve being treated like a small kids. Reason of not eating is really want to save money, so what, just believe it and dont make it as if very serious and go tell the whole world and go complain to my parents or my love one. This is my own money issue, not because my dad no money supply me, why want to make my parents so sad and make them guilty, i don't mean it that way and even as a friend, simply go comment something about someone infront of the parents and make the parents sad is a very childish act. I really cry and felt very very sad when my friend go comment about my problem in front of public and want my parents to know, then my parents get so worried and guilty and call me and scold me. That feeling is just very bad. Just imagine if i do this to them, what will they feel. They just thinking of themselves, what they think is right, like everyone got to follow them. Sigh, no choice, they are doctors, doctors like to order patient do this do that as if they are the one that's always correct. Now i understand why Dato' keep stressing on giving patient the choice, understand patient's feeling and all sorts of ethical issue. Because we just think that we're right and everyone got to listen to us and we treat ppl like small kids or worst, like animal.

Sigh, ya i know they do this is for my own good, but i got the choice to chose what i think is suitable for me. just like a patient is suppose to given choice of chosing their own treatment. Not to be force or being keep persuading by doctors for accepting certain procedure. Then again, we're responsible of our own life. Who is suppose to responsible if we force someone to do something but it turn out to have a bad outcome? The one that going through the process is the one that suffer. The one that force that person? will only blame the person to be too weak or finding excuse to get out from the situation. Same for me, i'm the one that going through this, but people keep forcing me do this do that, if i refuse, they will comment about me as if i got no feeling. Talk about me as if i'm an animal. Like i got no emotion like that. Sigh. dono lar. Probably they r for my own good, but they dono they will hurt me cause i never complain.

Same goes to being comment. I dono what's wrong with not staying at where i 'm now over the weekend. Just because i take the responsibility of being a good girlfriend, doesn't mean i 'm entitle to be comment or critic by people. Some people, they don't really understand the whole situation, but they just comment and comment as if they know everything. If i didn't go back, they will come out with their own reason and don't give me a chance to explain. Honestly, when i see someone so like to talk, i'll just decided to keep quiet and let them just talk, talk whatever they think that they are correct. I think those who like to talk are those who like to talk about themselves, those who are selfish and those who only know and care about themselves. They can do something to others, doesn't mean that they won't do something to their close friend. LOL.
So i go back seremban quite often. So what. I 'm the one that taking the total of 6 hours bus journey every week. I'm the one that pay for my own bus ticket everytime. I'm not the one that wanted to go back that often one honestly. If not because i'm being ask again and again, u think i'll be so free to go take bus waste my time and money? So the issue about the other half is free or not free and good or not good. I dono why ppl like to make fun of other ppl other half, this is very childish and not professional at all. Sigh i oso dono how to comment on that. just hope ppl will grown up and ppl realize what they doing actually hurts other ppl's feeling.

That all my rant for now. THis are just rant, after this i'll just ignore this feeling and continue my own life, same as usual with all the comments and the immunity towards all these.

Some photos for this bored post. Went to a cafe call Piano Cafe in Batu Pahat Wonderland Mall. Nice place, but too bad the waiter and waitress there cannot communicate well in English. They actually ask us to speak chinese when we try to communicate with them in English. sigh.

Also went steamboat and eat till super full during weekend.This is the reason for my this week diet plan for now.

Till then.

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