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stands for intraosseous insertion.
From Medscape,
Intraosseous (IO) access techniques have been used for decades and have been proven to be safe, reliable, and rapid means of providing crystalloids, colloids, medications, and blood products into the systemic circulation.[1] 
 1. Helm M, Breschinski W, Lampl L, et al. Intraosseous puncture in preclincal emergency medicine. Experiences of an air rescue service. Anaesthesist. Dec 1996;45(12):1196-202.

Since we're in Paediatric posting, so we got to learn this important procedure. So the picture i'm going to show below are quite disgusting, as we can't do on real baby since there is not many parents allow us to do so, so we practice on chicken bone.

The needles..

The procedure, i'm wearing glove on both hand while doing the procedure, this is taken after i finish the insertion.....
 The poor chicken bone.
See the needle prick hole on the bone? LOL. Don't worry, u can still go eat KFC with this. It is not that disgusting after all. Yeah.

Also, thanks to our dear batchmate Karmen who is a Zumba dance instructor, we started this zumba fitness club here in Batu Pahat, where we go for the Zumba dance once a week, i guess since there's is not much entertainment here, we all just attend this for fun, and for me, lose weight definitely!

 These pictures are taken from Ada's iphone. the silly facies......
A pic of me n Karmen, not taken during Zumba, taken when all of us go  McD after watching Namwee's movie.....
She is so thin!! My face become so big when i'm beside her. Haha. I think she is a very talented smart and nice pretty girl!!=)

Lastly, i saw this two bookmark when i'm buying something from a grocery shop, so i bought two for my sister, she really loves Smurf............
Lala lalalala, Sing a happy song, Lala lalalala, Smurf the whole day long.

Now, it's the time for me to psycho myself--I Love Portfolio..................
Till then.

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