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Alright, so the chilling week had gone. Last week, i skip 2 days and go back hometown. LOL. No lar, cause that 2 days no class scheduled, so is equal to holiday for me, and most of my classmates is not here anymore, so i went back hometown. It took me 10 hours to get back. So tiring but anyway, worth it. =)

Let's show some picture here, i realize all my post is about food. And yet i HATE eating so much. This is during Munn's bday dinner...

Something worth mention here, if i went out eat this type of dinner with my friends, i will be the one end up paying more, cause i don't really get to eat, once the dishes came, everyone get one scoop for me on my plate, then i start eating, and when i half way eating i look up, all the dishes almost gone edy, so i want add dishes to my plate oso no need edy. Good for me in a way since i oso don't want to eat, bad for me cause i waste money on food that i never eat. Sigh......that's why i hate to go for this type of dinner with friends.
But if is going with family, then it's different story. Went back hometown, dad brought us to Taiping, we ate this curry fish head and salted chicken.

Is the famous one, we used to eat this often when we stay here, er more than 10 years back....haha.
Oh cause i go back hometown, of course my mum will cook, so she cook this red wine soup and vegetable, delicious!!

So u see i'm so well-fed at home.. haha.
Next the famous Laksa + Ice Kacang in my hometown

Ok i need to admit i only finish 1/3 of both dishes cause it's really toooo big for me.
Finally self potrait.....
Oh and our church in Seremban NGA celebrating 10th anniversary. And Nick is the one sings for open ceremony of the whole event, so he went practice and practice and very excited about the whole event. Me? become the one that take cares of his car cause i drive his car here n there back n fro home cause i want do assignment at home etc etc....
So the above photo taken during practicing, the below one is the photo taken on that night.

And obviously, when my bf is busy practising singing at the back stage, i just take my time do my hair, put make up etc etc and drive his car and park his car nicely, then end up attending the dinner late. LOL, that's why got taken that photo. Cause i came late and that time is the time to welcome all the guest so many photographers etc there.
Honestly, i don't see anything nice about me on that picture. But since i rarely took this type of pic, just show one here lar. ...

Finally, one pic of me n Nick.
I look so ARTIFICIAL with those make up. Look at the super thick powder i put on my face.....Sigh.

Till then.

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