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When i'm back in hometown, i'm glad, cause finally i'm free from people who like to comment about my diet. I don't see anything wrong with my diet, ppl comment cause they dono what's my diet like. They just talk as if they know me when actually they know nothing. Talk so much, no content one....

Now i'm back in hometown, no one comment about what i'm taking and eating, but once i put on weight, the nightmare start haunting me again.

I can remember who , who and who used to tell me that i'm fat, that i need to lose weight, that i became fatter, that my lose weight method is wrong that's why i cannot slim down, that i'm fat n stupid, that i don't deserve to be a pretty girl, that i am a fat big ass girl, that i should not eat anymore, that the food that i eat contain high sugar, that it's more easy to be fat with what i'm eating now, that i didn't exercise (like they know?!), that my way of dieting is the wrong one, etc etc.

Yeah, thanks so much for those hurtful comments, i'm more depress now. For those that used to say the above statement to me, i dono should i still angry with them, or i should thanks them for motivate me lose more weight. Sigh.

It's quite depressing. Probably it's PMS again. sigh.

Till then.

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