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So this is what final semester all about. Assessment. Assignment. Evaluation. Feedback. Emails. Reports.
Oh ya forgot to mention about last Wed, where i had severe vomiting n diarrhea. I had been waking up at night to vomit for few times, then go hospital for class but not feeling well and look super ill, went home rest. The worse thing is while walking to my car, i vomit 5-6 times at the hospital car park. So gross. Then at night i start having fever and diarrhea.
Luckily i have a bunch of good friends who are in medical field and we share medications among each others, so i took some PCM from chuimunn, ORS from siling n siewkim, antimotility drug oso from siling, ingest the PCM and sleep. I'm fine 2 days later and went to consult a GP who told me i'm worry too much and actually i'm fine. She gave me some Charcol and ask me drink more 100 plus.
Well, i recovered well and back to normal now. Really felt grateful for my wonderful friends!

Another thing is in BatuPahat, everything is about food. They say here got more variety food than in Seremban, which i do agree with this statement. Let's show some foods, first, the cendol shop. Is at Jalan Engan, but if ask me the exact direction, i'll just tell u, go to the town, turn here turn there, near pasar there, look for this road, then u'll find this cendol place, one bowl one ringgit, worth trying!

Then the duck noodle that i ate for lunch today. Is also at somewhere in the town. But this not the most delicious one, cause the famous one is close, so we went to this duck noodle in town. forgot name of the shop. Ok ok lor. haha.

Since it's quite boring here, sorry my life had been this boring, My entertainment is facebook. My assignment submit through email. I pay everything online using online banking. but the worst part is i'm using maxis broadband, an EXPENSIVE and BAD connection. Sigh. These some nice pic i found from facebook , thought of posting it up here.
This house is seriously the DREAM house. Nice right....
Something about apple products.....
So there's a reason why until now i dont have an ipad/iphone/ipod etc, at least i'm won't burden my dad with these thing. At least i know i should get this with my hard earn money in stead. LOL. I think i talk big only lar.
Oh this is interesting, couples, let's go Jogoya for this promotion!!
I thought of ask Nick bring me, but i think of my anorexic i might end up wasting his money or my own money, so ..... if i go i put pictures here, if i didnt go u know the reason...

Last, wanted to post about this very long, didn't really have proper time to write a post on it. Thanks God for the bicycle team in my church in Seremban. They really did great things for God through this Cycle of hope project.
Click on the picture, it link to the facebook fan page....
Also the newspaper coverage, click on the picture as well to read more...

Praise be the Lord.

Till then. I should go email my assignment to lecturer now. T_T

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