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Sometime i just dono how to face this. It had been bothering me for quite some time, and recently i think it worsen. And people are giving me critic for EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL that i took. What did i eat, what had i did, all, sometime i just hope everyone just give me a BREAK. Stop controlling my eating habit, i have AUTONOMY over my own health.

Because of people keep commenting, i started to have nightmare of people calling me fat, which it does happen years back when i first enter this uni. And all the scene of people laughing at my weight, make fun of my body size, commenting on my body image all come back to haunt me. It's quite suffering. I dono those people that keep commenting knows about this or not, i bet they don't, they just know how to comment.

Sigh, do u think it's possible to reach my target weight? cause i had been reducing the target weight day by day, week by week. When i almost reaching, i 'll cancel the initial target weight and put a new figure on it. And my friend just simply enter my room without my permission to rub off my target weight on my white board, making me even depress cause i wil think that they probably think that weight is too high for me. So once they rub off my targeted weight, i'll put out a lower number there, so u see how damaging are those people to my illness. Critics, scolding, betraying, commenting, all this are BAD for a person with anorexic nervosa. Konon-nya all future doctors.......=_=lll

Till then.

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