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25% done

I told Nick, u know, after we completed 5 weeks posting, we are 25% done in this place called Batu Pahat. He ask me back..."u guys really hate that place huh?" er, so far we didnt really H-A-T-E this place, we just don't like the face that it's not as our expectation. The place itself is great, nice food, lot's of shops, definitely lots more makan place than Seremban, but here is not Seremban, u can't go KL whenever u like. For ppl from KL, here is definitely further from home. For ppl from Perak like me, here is even further. No direct bus to Ayer Tawar somemore.
So we're counting days here. woohoo, 75% left.

oh, i went Pavilion that day and had this, Mochi! the one that my sister's friend told her is nice and ask her to buy but when i went with my sister that shop is close. Well, it's quite nice, i chose the Peach and Purple Potato flavour. nice, but expensive.

Next, we went Kluang hospital again, just to show face as our lecturer insist us to go. So we ended up go to have breakfast there, spend 45 minutes having breakfast, go hospital another 30 minutes, then drive back to Batu Pahat. Such a waste of petrol and energy. Anyway, this the commercialize Kluang Railway cafe. food there more expensive, and definitely the food not that nice compare to the original railway cafe....
I had Roti Bakar and half boil eggs. the nasi rendang and nasi lemak is not mine, just take pic for the sake of taking. =_=

So as i said, we completed 25%, so we went for dinner together at Juz Waffle
is a shop that sells all kinds of waffle, with chicken floss, seaweed, rendang chicken etc etc inside the waffle. The dessert cake is nice too!

We watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 that day, and we ended up having supper in McD, such unhealthy lifestyle, we know. But we're young, our organs still function well to get rids of the unhealthy food we ingested, hopefully.
yupe, the group pictures. Wonder why i so free to blog at this time? cause i'm in Paedssss posting. konon-nya very free, wait till 2ml lar. haha

Till then.

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