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wedding month

So the ghost month just pass and currently we're in eight month of lunar calender, and today is Mooncake festival, HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL yeah! Attend a wedding dinner of a church member last week. Tell u what, it's actually quite tiring to sit car or take bus from Batu Pahat to Seremban. Sigh. Tire ar, and with the unfinished portfolio in mind..........it's really bad. But the wedding dinner is nice. Some photos here. Nice deco outside the dinner hall.

The "door gift", one bottle beer with 5.0% alcohol.
With church friends allen, joyce and Nick.
And if i tell you this my mooncake festival dinner with my batch mates, dont feel sad for me, i'm eating very well here. my life had been this sad for the past few years, and this is not going to end anytime soon.
Till then. Portfolio, reports, assignment, study. T_T

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