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New environment

again...... Ok, probably this is the special thing about studying in IMU, from KL, we move to Seremban, then from Seremban, we are heading to Batu Pahat, then from batu pahat, we go back to Seremban for final exam. Probably this is to let us suit our future working condition better gua, since after 2 years of housemanship, we'll be "sent" to different district hospital as well. Well, since i have a long holiday, ok u know a 2 weeks holiday is a LUXURY for us k. cause there's no more holiday for the next few months. Had been going to few places, eating like a pig, gaining weight like no body business, so all this turn to the depress mood currently, and determination to limit oral intake. Just post some pictures here...

Nice coffee from some random restaurant in Batu pahat mall..

Went Melaka as well, so this the chicken rice ball.
note the similarity between the fish ball in the soup and the chicken rice ball. LOL

Also went for some my socall "fine dining" in Pavillion, in a restaurant call Market Hall, quite pricy food is ok ok. No comment.

Thanks Nick for bringing me n my sister there. =) Oh i went to this Full house before, and show pic about this as well, but last time i forgot where is that jalan call, now i know edy, is at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.
Nice one, my sister took lots of photo, glad that she is happy. 

 Lastly, i go cut hair few days ago *finally*. ok i always think that spending money to cut hair often is a waste, so i dont really go to hair salon. But since it's getting longer n Nick keep asking me to go, oh he go to hair saloon every alternate week, so imagine how frequent had he been nagging at me asking me to go cut hair. And as usual, i got lots of reason to avoid from going for hair trimming. Most of the reason is related to study, no wonder Nick call me bookworm. haha.
Ok not much different for this hair style, just neater. ok, got to rest, 2ml start new semester and i havent pay school fees. =_=lll Till then.

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