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malaysian day

Since it's Malaysian Day tomorrow and i most probably will spend my morning in the hospital seeing that colonoscopy procedure and the rest of the day at home typing report and the following weekend growing fungal at home. Let's show this video, it's Satu Malaysia song, ok i think it's quite nice.

oh and since i'm in Batu Pahat, ok many food is nice here i admit, forget the fact that I'm anorexic, i do try many food here. I never seen this food before, so post the pic here, is call Kui Chap, chinese is 粿汁, ok i oso dono did i type it correct. But it's a nice food, something like zhu cheong fang.

Despite the hectic schedule, we still go dinner. Ok, i still dont understand why ppl say i no eat when i go out eat most of the time. This is during Agnes's bday yesterday.

Able got her an angry bird cake!! Next this pic, credit to my sister, cause she is crazy about The Smuft recently, ok thanks to Nick paying for both our 3D movie ticket for this movie, ok, is a kiddish movie, but worth watching if you want to relax.

Ok i like that two the most, although smurffet is pretty. I think Clumpsy look abit like yyg and i think brainy look really brainy! Btw, who got UOB credit card, if you are getting this cup, pls sell one to me cause i want to give to my sister.

Lastly, this is the thing i want to complain for many many days dy, about this MAXIS broadband connection, it's so super bad esp at night, ok, i didn't exceed limit but still the connection is so slow and i'm paying so much for this!!!

Anyone have idea on the connection of U-Mobile, i read review say it's good and cheap! I think i'll change my maxis broadband soon, connection is SOOO bad, DONT get maxis broadband if you want to survive in Batu Pahat! Till then.

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