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Long weekend

So this is the long weekend that everyone is looking forward to when we start school here. Now it is coming to an end. It's life, time just won't wait for you. I'm glad i've survive through this weekend, despite being home alone at this quite run-out house, and also being transport-less, thanks God i still got my legs to walk! Thanks God i still got much fat reserve so i can withstand to fact of eating cup mee everyday at home. besides, i think i become fatter because of this, i should have just dont stock up on maggi mee and starve myself at home. sigh. Oh but that again, i saw one perforated gastric ulcer patient who just did exploratory laparotomy few days ago, felt so scary for picking up this gastric ulcer now. ok, i refuse Ryle's tube cause i think that's a very tortouring tube. ok whatever, loss fat is the ultimate goal if want to become pretty. Ok i oso dono why i type all those nonsence, just ignore those and take it as it's type by some patient with anorexic nervosa but having good insight, i'm eating every meals ok, i got tons n loads of friends eagerly to force me eat every meal.....lol let's the picture do the talking.

Did i look anorexic? Absolutely NOOO. There are more girls out there with BMI not even reach lower limit of normal range, those are worse than me.
Enough being crazy, I'm like this when i felt stress esp when i think i'm getting fatter and when other ppl keep force me to eat and when i feel i didn't control my diet and when ppl mention to me that i'm fat even though they are just joking..........
Angry bird cake!! -_-
Ok that's all for now. Till then. Ps: I'm fine here, ignore those psycho statement.

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