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Why daddy stil not go to bed yet?

I’m not a princess, nor am I Cinderella. But I know I have curfew hour at home, just as Cinderella. Still remember when I’m still in secondary school, as a teenager, I like to hang out with friends, hate staying at home. Thus, I went out with my friends till quite late some time. It may be many years back from now, however, I still can remembered clearly, every time when I go out at night, my dad will start calling me from 10pm, asking me when am I coming back. From 10pm, to 1030pm, to 11pm, then 1115pm then 1130pm then 1145pm. And if I didn’t pick up calls, daddy will keep calling till I back home. I used to take this in a negative way, thinking that my dad is restricting my social activities. I am the only one that always receive calls from home to ask to go back. None of my classmate need to leave the gathering earlier just because their parents call.

Not only that, sometime if the gathering is at night, my dad rather drive me to the place of gathering and pick me up from the same place when he think is time for me to go back. As usual, I really hate all these, and don’t understand why my dad wants to do this to me.

When I’m turn older, I had got my driving license and become more independent; however, daddy is still the same daddy. Even though he does not need to pick me up from the place of gathering, he will wait for me in the living hall, and only sleeps when I got home. I remembered coming back home, open the door and see an empty living hall with the slow-ly-stopped-turning fan and heard the sound of someone switching off the light from outstairs, where our rooms located.

This, is call DADDY's LOVE. Every fertile man can be a dad, but not every dad is a GOOD RESPONSIBLE and AWESOME dad. I'm glad i have one. I'm glad I inherited my daddy's gene. I felt very fortunate when the memory being flashed back. I regretted taking my daddy's concern in a negative way and even showing "black" face to my parents. I regretted for throwing temper at my dad when i'm stress, without knowing that he has enough stress.

THe reason of me suddenly posting this "emo+touching" post here is because, i'm back home after so many months, seeing my dad aged is one of the saddest things that i've experience. That's not the main point, the point is, my sister went out with friends tonight, and she havent reach home by 11pm, normally my dad allows us to be out till 12am, but, the best is back home before 11pm. SO my dad is sitting at the living hall, wanted to watch tv but NTV7 only showing gossip girls that obviously daddy wont watch that. As i was wondering why my dad not going to sleep as he usually sleeps around that time, then, i suddenly remembered my sister is still out with friends. I felt very touch that i have such a great dad. Despite the daughter had grown up, he still the awesome daddy that wait for daughter to get back home in the living hall at night. Yea, we won't know how fortunate we are until we experience that. I'm glad i see this, i thanks God for my dad and i know i'm going to love my daddy more.

Till then.

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