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Mental Stress

So after the 5 hours exam and the more than 4 hours mental torturing "close-up", i'm glad we had make this far. Few more months practical period before qualified to work. Seriously very super fast. Many had gone through this process. Just that now's my turn. Alright, Thanks God i finally can post a happy post without ending with "pls ask me go study".........

Just the pic on the day of result releasing.
Me and SiLing...

Finally a pic of both of us. After i stop cam-whore for long time!!

And this one of our Distinction student!! I took this pic for him and i think he is quite photogenic! hahaa...
So young, yet so smart!!! He's gonna become a super young consultant in near future.

And the very not-nice pic of me, but just for fun, upload here.
All these pics are taken by Abel's canggih I-pad. Thanks to the I-pad, release our stress in that 4-hour mental torturing period!

And the last pic for this post, i had use this laptop for nearly one year and i realize i dono how to use it's camera function, so tried it today. haha. this non-edited photo of mine, just upload.......for fun again. LOL
oh finally i-am-going-BACK-hometown. Phew!!

Till then.

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