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Emporio Armani EA 9731 PDE for SALE

So story goes like this, few months ago, me n Nick went for a wedding dinner of his ralative, and the next morning, he realize he lost his specs!!
It's his expensive emporio armani specs that worth RM800+++, so he had gone through few weeks of spectacular-less day.

Then one day when we went KL shopping, he found this specs, another type, but oso Emporio Armani brand, it's quite expensive too. Because he had been specs-less for few weeks, so he bought this specs, but because we need to rush to somewhere, so he didn't have time to fix the lens. We just bought the specs frame.

Few weeks down, because Nick is quite busy, so he didn't go to fix the lens.

And one fine day, his mum called him, told him that, his old specs is found..........inside his brother's car. And his brother's gf told me later that, actually, the specs had been found in his brother car for many weeks edy, just that the brother is very busy and couldn't recognize is Nick's specs so just left in the car and no time to return to him.

So, this brand new specs, which had been left there for quite sometime, is no longer needed. Therefore, we're thinking of selling it off in a cheaper price.

Details are as following:

Frame style: Full Rim
Frame material: Plastic
Frame gender: Mens
Hinge type: Sprung
Side style: Drop End
Bridge style: Regular
Frame Size: 54 x 17 x 140

Selling price is RM500, price is negotiable, original price is around RM700+.
If you're interested, pls email me at qitea28@yahoo.com

Thanks. That's all for a for sale blog post. Have a nice day!

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