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During my study break, i went for some slimming programme free trial. Ok, i'm not insane, or my anorexic is relapsing, is just because someone work there pass one voucher to friend A and friend A pass to friend B then friend B ask friend C pass to friend D so in the end friend D pass it to me. Well, so the conclusion is i got the free voucher for one trial section from this slimming centre call Bizzy Body.

Ok lar since i never experience any slimming programme before and this free trial expire before Aug so i just went for it, to experience what they call by slimming programme. Oh well, if u haven't gone once, let me tell u what's going to happen there.

First, u register, then they will ask u wait inside one room, so u wait for the "slimming expert" to come "consult" you, so they will sort of "clerk" you, is something like doctor doing history taking on the newly admitted patient. Oh ur height and weight will be measured as well. And during the whole process, one question that keep repeatedly brought out is "so which part of ur body u not satisfied with"?
Here's the "clerking sheet" looks like...
Er what is hereditary fatness? Prader-Willi Syndrome? lol. So i try to search is there relationship between genetic and fatness? The result is, there is some relationship between these, but genetic is only a very very small contributor to fatness! It's all lie on our eating habit and lifestyle afterall!

A strong relationship was found between the degree of fatness of biologic mothers and that of their adult offspring who had been separated from their mothers at birth and adopted during the first year of life. This relationship persisted even after age, height, and possible confounding environmental factors were controlled. There was little evidence for either selective placement on the basis of parental fatness or gene-environment interaction. There was no relationship between the degree of fatness of adoptive parents and that of the adoptees. Two indexes of environmental influence--rural upbringing and disturbance in the adoptive home--predicted fatness among adoptees. Price et al. Genetic contributions to human fatness: an adoption study. Am J Psychiatry.1987; 144: 1003-1008

Though obesity is considered to be hereditary, the genetic contributions to fatness are not well understood. Various studies have yet to establish the exact contributions of caloric intake to obesity development. Conversely if you increase the amount of time you spend in front of the TV, VCR, or playing video games, the greater the risk of obesity. Furthermore, various developmental factors may lead to over-consumption of calories. The most important of these are poor self-regulation of intake, an "obese eating style" (which means rapid consumption of calories via rapid eating) and difficult infant or child temperament. Self-regulation of eating is poorer in fatter girls, studies show, as well as in children who are exposed to a controlling parenting style. Difficult children, the ones low in rhythmicity, adaptability and approach, and/or a negative outlook, appear to be more rapid in weight gain. The probable reason for this is that parents give more food to their children as a soothing technique. This can later be used by the children as a technique for comforting themselves. From aboutweight.net

Ok i dono how reliable is all these sources, i think we can just read and forget about it. it doesn't matter anything to us afterall right? who cares if your gene is predispose to fatness, if a person is fat, ppl will blame to the eating habit and lifestyle first, before even think about genetic factor!

Back to the slimming programme, after they ask u all sort of questions + promote their product package which worth minimum of RM400+++++++++, u'll start the "treatment", which depend on which area u want to slim down and what package are u taking. For free one, of course cannot chose, they just let u try the cheapest package. haha.

The "treatment" procedure is, you go to a room, then apply some cream on your whole body, then use transparent plastic wrapper to wrap around your whole body, from up to down except face, neck, palm, sole and groin. Then you got to lie down on a "couch" which has a warmer down there to release heat. So you got to lie inside there cannot do anything for 30 minutes, it's very boring esp it's quite difficult to fall asleep there knowing that u got to wake up in 30 min time. After the whole process, they will measure the circumference of the various part of the body. Like this:
It's before and after, and believe or not, the before and after sure got difference one, wao, in 30 min one can reduce 0.5cm of the waist circumference and all other body part circumference! Er, got so easy to believe meh? And who guarantee i wont gain back in 1 hour time?

So finish dy u'll need to go to see the "slimming expert" again, and yeah u're right, this time they will keep asking u to join their programme as u got such good result in that 30 minutes treatment! Then if u join, they earn money, if u no join, u got to be smart of thinking of various reason to reject and get out of there. That's what i do cause i need to study one leh, that time is 1 week before my EOS9.....

Yupe, that all for the slimming programme that i join. Oh the thing is, fat cell in our body, once produce, will forever be there, unless someone create something like chemotherapy to kill those fat cells. Ok i keep insist to the "slimming expert" i want to kill those fat cells and she keep change topic, so obviously, that centre don't have this service. Oh well, who is going to take toxic drug just to kill fat cell. Become anorexic is much better. Ooppzz.

Last thing something to laugh at, in the tips given for healthy eating habit in bizzybody website, one tip is "4. Avoid stress while eating." Can someone explain this statement to me? means if you are stress cause no money to eat, then dont eat first until u sort out all the stressor??? Oh then those ppl who are stress mar no need to eat at all? LOL

Ok i got nothing else to say here dy. Till then.

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