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The Bag

Alright, let me talk about this brand call Longchamp today.

Abit about longchamp brand history,
In the 1940's, Jean Cassegrain took over his father's tobacco shop. Initially, the shop is doing well as it was greatly appreciated by Parisians and the Allied Forces. But when the troops left Paris, the shop faced the question of what to do with its stocks of pipes so appreciated by the soldiers. So, Jean Cassegrain decided to concentrate on leather coatings for cigarette cases instead.
He sought out the most talented leather craftsmen in Paris to create leather coverings for pipes and other products geared toward smokers and revolutionized the domain of tobacco accessories.

Then in 1948, he expanded his collection and decided to set up his company specialized in accessories with his name, Jean Cassegrain & Compagnie.
But, why the brand named "Longchamp" instead of "Cassegrain"?!
....Because the name "Cassegrain" had already been used commercially by one of Jean Cassegrain's cousin as a brand name associated with the image of a mill. So Jean Cassegrain immediately associated miller with the last Parisian mills, situated at the end of the Longchamp race course. Also since the equestrian world is naturally linked to know-how and leather-binding in saddlery, the name Longchamp jumped out as the pertinent choice!

So amazing right? This luxury brand that famous for its BAGS is actually started of as a tobacco shop!!!

Next oso on the topic of Longchamp bag, the MUST-mentioned is this bag collection named Le Pliage,
...the bag that seriously should be labelled as "must-have-if-you-are-a-girl-who-know-fashion" =_=
(Oh well, i oso dono why so many girls like it, but if you walk in any shopping mall in KL, everywhere, anywhere including toilet, u'll see girls carry this bag!!)

In 1993, Longchamp introduced its "Le Pliage" line, a collection of foldable travel bags made of vinyl and leather trim. Since then, Le Pliage become a symbol in its own right for the Longchamp brand. It is the result at a true technical feat: conciliating opposing features - featherweight and strength - all in one bag.
This bag's design, is started with the idea of nylon trimmed with leather, thus, enhance a leather bag style without adding extra weight. Also with the idea of designing a bag with an ideal shape that combine both a look and the practical aspect.

Lastly some photos on the very classy and unique Longchamp outlet.
Nice. This is call Luxury brand.

Well, actually i got no interest in getting a Longchamp bag nor i dreamed of owning a Longchamp bag. It all started since Nick got me a Longchamp bag from Hong Kong, and i felt so bad cause i know Longchamp bag is expensive, i've told him many time that i'm not a materialistic girl, and i hate those girls that keep asking their boyfriend to buy them branded stuff. Probably some guys just felt happy when they are able to buy expensive stuff for their gf. So, just accept it and bear in mind it just so SHAMEFUL to become a girlfriend that keep asking boyfriend to buy expensive stuff for her!!

Ok, i had nothing against branded bag. So this one pic of me holding the Longchamp bag with my church members. =)
This taken few days before my final osce exam, wonder why i still got mood to go for birthday celebrations despite facing such major exam. haha. At least i prove that i'm not a nerd. LOL

Oh before i end, 恭喜 候诗玲 荣获 Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛2011 冠军得主!!!! I watch the live show at Nick's house just now, but before the result announce, Nick, who is there supporting for 候诗玲, with a group of my church members, had msg me about her getting Champion there! I'm so glad for her, and glad that the first thing she say during the thanksgiving speech is "Thanks God for giving me this"! Really really proud of her~~~~~!!

Till then. Good night. xoxo

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