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Well, the best thing in hometown is, i'm not that stress, no need to really really be a nice person, having my own transport to go any where i like, without need to wait for ppl for very very long, instead, i'll get scolded if i'm not punctual!

Also, although it's "kampung" here, ppl here (at least ppl that i deal with) tend to gossip less, they don't talk bad about ppl nor they consistently criticize others as if they are God. Yupe, i'm relieve from hearing ppl gossip about this rich ppl do what, that person very stupid or that person is poor etc etc comment.

Oh and the cost of living here is definitely lower, one fried rice only cost RM2.20 here when the fried rice out there cost more than RM5. I oso spend less here, there's no big megamall here so i dont have to dress like a rich smart girl in order to gain respect from those shopkeeper when i go shopping centre. Obviously, ppl here are more genuine.

Yupe, and i got 24-hours access to internet, as much as i wish. haha.

Just a photo with a toy rabbit in shopping mall, i hug it cause it's blue colour, same colour as my toy rabbit which sleeps with me since i'm born until now...

OMG, look at my FAT FAT super OBESE arm!! and oso fat chubby face. I hate myself in this photo actually!!!!

Peaceful life ending soon. Going out to the real world, exposing to gossips and transport-less life again. The only good thing is i can re-start the strict diet plan as i wish whenever i want.

Till then.

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