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MV: Is this all - Vaness Wu

So by this time, i'm suppose to be on plane heading to Hong Kong go to travel and have fun!~~~~~~~~~

But guess what? i'm still in MALAYSIA, inside the room, STUDYing. T_T__T____T

Had been thinking about being a good doctor recently. Not sure, probably i have a bf that had many genetically predisposed disease / X-linked recessive disease so i had been seeing quite a numbers of doctor with him. And i think some doctors are too into earning money , some are too busy to listen to his problem. Some prescribe medication without following the proper protocol of prescribing that medication. Not sure, probably when i'm older, i'll become one of those unethical doctor, or probably i'll be a good one that really care for my patient. Dono. But i just hope that medication won't do harm to the liver and hopefully everything will be fine.

Oh ya i found this song today, and i think this song is so well-written and performed by Vanness Wu.

Take note on the Fruit of Holy Spirit that showed out at the start of the MV.
Love this MV so much, is this all i've been waiting for? Good to hear this song before my EOS!. Enjoy peeps!! Till then.

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