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About pretty girl

How thin is thin? How thin is pretty?

Let's show pictures of thin pretty girl today. And they are seriously amazing.

First Angelina Jolie. She is so super pretty and one thing to note, she is sooooooo thin!!!!!

Just look at the arm, it's so small and mind you, Mid Arm circumference is the indication of a person body nutritional status. Arm like this normally found in patient who cannot eat well esp those with chronic disease and cancer. So look at her arm again, she is such a healthy person and yet her mid arm can be so thin, really amazing!! When is the day when my arm become that thin? and i hope i'm healthy as well by then.

Note the arm and the prominent vessels again. THIN = PRETTY?!

Next the recently very famous Victoria Secret's supermodel, who is the 2nd MeganFox in Transformer 3, Rosie Huntington. I really love her style in Transformer 3. She is such a sexy and pretty lady!!!! And she is thin.

Cute rabbit ; poor rabbit's head. LOL

I used to love Anne Hathaway alot when the movie The Devil wears Prada is on screen. I think she's so super pretty and stylish. She's still very pretty now but the movies that she act in nowadays are mostly PG18 one.....not sure why, but i really think her face is enough for her to be famous, not really need to show off body, but probably there's another reason behind it or it's just purely ART....
Last one the gossip girl pretty!! Young, stylish, pretty, smart and sweet. Blake Lively. Love her so much esp her role as Serena in Gossip girl.
xoxo. You know you love me. =)

That's all, it feels good to show pretty girl pic in the blog. haha. And the last pic, out of topic one, recently i've been playing games in fb, call Mallworld. Sigh, cannot open real boutique shop, only play game to fullfil the dream lor. LOL
Nice leh. Jkjk.

Till then. Wish me a fruitful holiday!!

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