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I had been thinking alot recently, probably not so busy so spend more time think this think that. One thing that i had not done for long time recently is, give thanks.

I want to Thanks God for whom I am today, for what i have today, for everything that i'm getting today.

First, thanks God for His love is so abundant.
Second, thanks God for giving me an awesome family, the best daddy n mummy, the best siblings, best sister that update me many things.
Third, thanks God for putting me in this university and study this course and for helping me through all the exams for the past few years.
Also, thanks God for such a caring and nice boyfriend that really care for me, listen to my problem, comfort me when i'm down, pray for me when i'm stress, fetching me here and there, letting me drive his car when i need a car, cheer me up when i'm sad, giving me a very nice family in seremban, and for the love that he showed me.
Also, thanks God for giving me so many great friends. Till now i'm still very grateful for having Chloe as my best friend in Bukit Jalil last time, it's truely a blessing to know her and really glad that we can be so closed. I'm just a normal girl that not significant in uni, but she is such a brilliant and creative and pretty girl, surprisingly we become close friend in the end! and thanks her for being with me when i'm down.
Also my hometown friends, yvloi, schin, wxin, swen and many more, really thanks them for being with me when i'm sad and facing bad situation. They really help me alot.
Also my uni friend siewkim, siling, chuimun, liang, yyg, kheelung, jo, pwen etc etc for being my good friend, keep nagging at my weird eating habit, forcing me to eat and stop me from getting more anorexic.
Also my dearest junior cheeleong, joohor, the twins etc etc. Really blessed for having them.
And many many more friends and ppl around me.

Just want to give thanks. I know many things happen recently and i just dont understand why, why i'm not getting the blessing, why i'm not like other ppl, but i know and i believe in God and i know He will give me the best. Thanks God.

Till then.

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