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Unbelievable, i'm in the most relaxing posting, but i felt so stress. probably exam is coming, probably i had not been studying much, probably i m worry for too many things recently. Not only my own issues, i need to be a nice person, need to pretend i dont mind and do everything that ppl ask me to do, etc. The feeling of being NICE person make me very very very stress.

Because i want to make ppl happy, i dont get much time to study, so in the end i cannot understand when the lecturer talk so i felt stupid and felt bad for not study. i know many time if i got study i can answer many many questions, but many time, almost everytime, i cannot answer cause i didnt study. I m just a super lazy student that didnt study enough. Sigh. And it's super stress and not good when ppl tend to think that you are stupid and things that u say are not correct and ppl told u the wrong thing and when u correct them they insist they are correct, but in the end they are wrong. Sigh.

I dono what's wrong with me today, just feel very very down. And probably i'm just too dependent on myself recently and didn't submit everything to God. I know God is real and He will help me but sometime i'm too disappointed with things that's happening around me till i nearly loss faith in Him. But i know God is always there, He will help and show me the best, but i need to have faith. I hope i can cheer up. hopefully after this PMS period i'll be better. Got to study. Had not been study for few days. Sigh. T_T

Till then. Oh thanks, i'm still alive although my friend keep saying i'm anorexic and the fact that they remind me about me havent achieve my target weight is so depressing, ok, i think, i should be thinner. =(

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