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oh this posting is too free, till i woke up late in the morning and dont feel guity at all. but the lectures are long and draggy. sigh. just want to post some photos here since my previous blog quite moody and wordy.

First the pic of our all time favourite potatos, Nick n I love it so much.

Oh ya i realize i had been addressing my bf as "my bf" all the while in my blog post, n i think it's time to address him by name cause his name is not "my bf", er but quite difficult to give his actual name cause his eng name is Niklaz, but this name is abit weird i spelling, so ppl call him Nik, but Nik sound so Malay-ish for a Chinese like him, so i will just address him as Nick. HAHA. he won't mind what i address him here anyway, as long as i dont simply post his pictures up here.

ok enough words, this photo taken when i went Taiping with my church members, er, just upload for fun, i love my super BIG shade though. haha

Next few pic on hometown, nostalgia. oh congrats to my dad for his new car, nice big car btw, wish i can sit on it asap. Congrats to my mum too as that's her dream car all the while. =)
Miss the bbq at my house's garden. I actually still remember i eat till vomit on that night. that time my anorexic still not well control yet btw. haha. now ok dy.

Oh and the full family meals at one chinese restaurant.

The famous Mee Sua, this one cook by my grandma cause she say i too thin so need to eat more so she cook many many many food for me.
oh dont get me wrong, i'm not thin, is my grandma perception that i'm thin, i'm not actually ok.

this the place that sell the famous Kong pia. ironically, i took this photo when i went there with Nick. Haha, stay there so long never take pic but took it when go with someone from outstation.

Ok enough hometown pic.

Went Japanese restaurant again for Beverly n Barbara 's bday. in a hotel, but no ppl one. anyway, the sushi is nice. the cake is nice as well. =)
Happy bday to the lovely twins!

Next the bday celebration with liang.
At a place call fabulous house, a imitating full house place.

So these the pics of REAL full house in KL. at Jalan what what what i forgot. haha.
Nice right.

Ok i got to go, enough for today. Till then.

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