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So the final posting before i went off for the 5-month train in BP. So finally finish the busiest posting, it's a real torture as every weekend i repetitiously telling myself and my bf how much i hate that posting. lol. it's over now.

Just some random pic.

This taken when i went for Yvloi's graduation convo. by her dad's super highclass camera. Nice shoot. Congrats to her for graduating edy.

Now i'm the ONLY one in the class still studying for degree. OMG. ppl marry edy i'm still study. +_+lll

Met JooHor that day in TIme square, he didnt change at all, but he not that red anymore. LOL

Oh and we had meals at Chloe's fav Zan Mai Shu Shi!!! long time no eat Japanese! oh and that's cheeleong being a super good bf on that day fetch gf for the model contest thing. and Amanda the 1st class honour in BMed! Time flies, just remember one year ago when Chloe told me she got the BEST student in BMed science!!! Miss her so much!

And since my diet plan for June failed terribly, just post up some photos of food that i go eat. Went Sri Petaling had bfast on one Sat morning cause my bf want go try the Ding Sum n the famous Bao there. And since i stay in that area for 2 n half year so i bring him there for this!
See how much two of us eat!!

And oh tat day cause i stay in yyg's place so before send me back to Sentul my bf decided to bring me to Kepong for yumcha, so we went one dessert store there.
Nice dessert. the shop name is the honeymoon if i not mistaken.

ok that's all for now, i finally blog and got to start study for the big scary exam edy. ........ Nerd me.

Till then.

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