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ok well who ask IMU IT department blocked facebook, so now i got no facebook to play and ended up blogging. LOL

Before i proceed, just some thing want to rant...
1) why some ppl 's AGE always come on Friday one and everytime that person seem to can predict her sickness day one. And everytime she is "sick", she can appear in other places like a total healthy ppl one.
2) that day my dad call me to "inform" me that my whole family is going to Macao this week and ask me continue study hard in Seremban. T_T why all my loves one get to go travel while i need to sit for this so call "professional exam". all the best to me lar.

Just few pictures taken long time ago, the pic of the flower. haha

and this oso taken long time ago, miss my short hair. But i dont think i'll go cut hair till i finish final exam. no need waste money for that lar.
Oh this cumulus is a bar in Thistle hotel Port DIckson. Went there during V-day with Nick. =)

Next the coffee bean drinks pic. cause Citibank credit card got the buy one free one offer on friday. so we bought this, one hot one cold. cause cold drink is one of the triggering factor of bronchoconstriction so the cold one belongs to me. LOL.

And we eat this super big portion of dinner after Coffee Bean!!
So now pls believe that i'm not anorexic and that i eat like a starving ghost! =_=lll

Oh and that weekend cause Nick and I are left all alone in Seremban, his parents went overseas, so we both went yum cha with church friends. At Station One. Just want to show this uno picture cause i think is nice.
sorry i'm getting more n more boring................ *someone pls ask me go study!*

And I think i had did everything except studying. Went for DOCTOR Su Wen bday 2 days after liang's bday, at one Jap restaurant. *again* T_T
The papermint vanilla ice cream cake!

It's at a hotel, so me n mich take crazy pic. sorry this pic blur.........

The group picture.

Ok i think that's all for now. Oh by the time i'm able to post up this blogpost, imu allow us to use facebook again and Dr James's blog no longer being blocked again. haha.

Till then.

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