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Facebook make me so cham recently. I seldom update my status in facebook, but recently because of something i decided just randomly post it up to facebook, who knows......... ppl comments, and i ended up being scold instead of being emphatize by ppl.........

Since not many ppl gonna read my blog, i can just blurp my anger here. Because on that morning, i need to reach hospital very early and i decided to go operation room see some operation, then assist the surgeon in the operation, forgot that i didnt take breakfast and that day is the first day of my menses, and forgot that i had one episode of epistaxis in the morning as well. So i happily scrub in and assist the surgeon by holding the sims speculum and the holder. And since the surgical area is so small, it's a vaginal hysterectomy btw, and i'm standing in that position for a period of time, so possibility of me nearly fainted and feeling dizziness should not be hypoglycemia only. It could be vasovagal attack, symptomatic anemia, cerebral hypoxia etc etc. Why blame it to hypoglycemia when i refuse a reflo to be done and i refuse to go A&E to had my blood taken. I'm just healthy and feeling unwell n need some rest. THat's all, no big deal. Putting up the status of having hypo could be many meaning, hypo can be lack of blood, lack of glucose, lack of oxygen. Why blame it to my anorexia? just because i used to have anorexia nervosa so every condition that i'm having now is related to it? No, i'm not losing any weight for quite some times edy. I'm maintaining my body very well. I'm staying a very good life, no starvation, no anorexic etc. So why want to blame all to anorexic nervosa? I guess, why ppl cant come out with a medical diagnosis, they will just blame it to the psychiatric issue. Sigh. I'm one of the victim.

Sigh why cant i type my report as fluently as how i am in typing the previous paragrahp......

ok i dont sound alright here, but i think i 'm alright, i 'm just angry with the thing that i'm experiencing. Just put some update on facebook, ppl come comment, and i ended up making my parents sad. i really not happy. ppl can say me, can make me sad, can comment about me can talk bad about me can scold me can do whatever bad thing to me, but NOT to my parents. SOme ppl just donno how hurting their comment is, and what's the consequence of commenting like this to my family. I got my own life, i know how to handle myself. I m on diet i want to be thin i want to cut down on the calorie i'm taking that's my own problem. as long as my health is good and i'm still functioning as a normal human being, why border to force me eat and keep commenting about my diet. Is there anything wrong with girls want to be pretty and thin? aren't diet control and weight reduction the main management in most long standing illness? it's important to not fall in obese group as it predispose to many disease, worst is malignancy. I'm just prevent myself from this, m i wrong? i dono what else to say, but i'll go get a blood test done, better if i got my FBC, RP, LFT, FSL, FBG, TFT, and some hormone level done to make sure i'm fine, probably coag profile as well.

Oh well, regarding my epistaxis, i think i seriously need consultation as it had becoming worst and my Little's area not that little anymore. sigh.

Anyway, i'm fine, i'll do health check as soon as i'm free. I'm in gynea posting, which is a busy and demanding posting, i'm doing my job everyday. And i pray that God is with me everyday.

Till then. i need go type reports...........=_=

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