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just feel like blogging today. since today is the first day of my study week. Guess what, i just found out i'm the LAST to graduate among my hometown friend. LOL. But nvm lar, since i dont mind oso. haha.

Here's some super super out-dated picture, from last year till recently. Many many so do some photo collage.
Some lazy to write description so just let it be lar.
First photo of my dearest juniors cheeleong n joohor n my best friend Chloe!!

dono when, it's one time i go meet them in Pavilion. haha.

A photo with me n chloe. She is so PRETTY!! Miss her so much. =)

And this is taken during Easter day last year. its a big celebration in church! i'm musician, so wear like a winter person. Other oso wear about like them, is a drama wear.

One pic with my batchmates. All future doctors wor!!

Some pic in my hometown. =)

Some pic on Jaeson Ma's concert.

Since i'm doing attachment in IJN last September, here's some pictures....

Picture with my "girl friends" in seremban.

Picture of Pizza. Nick's favourite!!

Some SS pictures.

Wao, finally post some posts to cheer up my blog. LOL
I should go do something useful now.

Till then.

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