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give thanks

I told myself that i need to update my blog when i'm on the way back from my hometown to kl. Well, that weekend is really a challenge for me. Thnking that i will definitely get a bus ticket back kl no matter how, i over estimated.

So on the day before 2nd May, i was is taiping, hoping to get a bus ticket, but true enough, i can't get a bus ticket, my mum's friend help to call to Kampar, Ipoh, Tapah etc bus station in Perak, all bus ticket back kl SOLD OUT. i was so nervous. SO luckily my church member driving back kl, but they go back very late. No choice so i follow.

And guess what , initially i was expected to reach kl by 6pm, but cause they start journey only at 9pm, plus the super traffic jam so i reach kl at 1220am. My super patient pityful bf waited for me in front of IOI Mall for TWO HOURS!!! He was there since 1030am, but he edy expected i'll reach late. Luckily he is there for me, if not i dono how m i going to get back to my place in seremban and go for class the next day.

Anyway i'm seriously thank ful. really Thanks God for providing me everything, Thanks my family for supporting me and Thanks my bf for being so patient.

Thanks all i want to say, words cant describe my appreciation to everything. REally i have a GREAT God, awesome family and loving boyfriend. Thanks God...

Last one pic of Nick n me during his bday last year in T.G.I. Just to complete this "lovely" post with a "lovely" picture........

TIll then.

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